3 Cleaning Tips for Men Who Want a Cozy Home


3 Cleaning Tips for Men Who Want a Cozy Home

In Britain, more people will be living alone in the coming years, whether by choice or necessity. By 2039, this group will account for one in seven people. A good majority of them are males.

Contrary to what most think, it’s the men, not the women, who end up spending most time alone. They are also likely to live in a bachelor’s pad for a long time.

And unlike another myth, many of these men won’t be living in shabby, unkempt homes. In fact, one informal survey suggests that at least 40 percent of the male respondents iron their shirts. But they definitely need a bit of help when it comes to tidying up.

If you are one of these guys, then you’ve come to the right page. It will show you some cool tricks to spare yourself from long periods of cleaning while keeping your space, no matter the size, cozy and comfortable.

1. Get Smart with Flooring


Your flooring can help determine the mood and theme of the space. And since they occupy a huge part of the house, you bet it is easy to maintain and capable of doing its job, such as handling high foot traffic.

Fortunately, you will never run out of choices these days. However, you also need to get smart. Carpets remain an amazing option since they warm the feet, yet this isn’t something you can DIY easily. You better call a carpet fitter expert to help you.

Correct carpet installation avoids various problems such as fresh odor that often comes with the new flooring, matting and crushing, and even filtration of dirt and grime.

Hardwood also makes excellent flooring because it is durable. Solid woods, like oak and walnut, can even last for a hundred years. Moreover, even if the finish deteriorates, you can always update it. Engineered flooring, meanwhile, is good for 25 to 30 years with proper care.

2. Use ‘Cheats’

You can use two kinds of cheats at home: a cleaning guide and a robot vacuum cleaner. Let’s begin with the guide.

Probably you’re one of those men who think you need to clean your home every.single.time. That’s the ideal, but you can say pass too. This is because some jobs may still be possible over the weekend, every other week, or even once a month.

Take, for example, your bedsheets and pillows. Unless you are a really sweaty person or your house is infested with bedbugs and dust mites (in which case, you may need expert help and new sheets and pillows), you can wash these once every two weeks.

Maintaining your roof, heater, and electrical connections, among others, can be once a year (or depending on your local building code).

When it comes to getting rid of dust and dirt, extensive cleaning or vacuuming can be once a week. But if you have a pet, live in an urban area, or go out often, consider removing these pollutants once a day.

Does the idea trouble you? You can use the other cheat, which is a robot vacuum cleaner.

This nifty device has settings you can modify, so it can activate and vacuum everywhere at your chosen time. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the room or not. The real good ones can handle not only nooks and crannies but also stairs, which is really great.

3. Hire Professional Cleaners


In the UK, the average salary in 2020 was over £30,000 a year or nearly £600 a week. However, if you’re a man, you’re likely to earn more, especially if you reach middle age. By then, your weekly wages will be more than the average.

Simply put, if you’re living alone and earning a good income, and you don’t want to clean often, you may consider hiring professional cleaners to do it.

According to data, the average rate is at least £12 an hour. If you’re living in Bath, the cost may be much lower than in the southeast or in the capital. Even better, not only will you have a clean house, but you can also help small businesses thrive.

These professional cleaners don’t need to come into your house all the time. You can get them once a month or every three months—your choice. The most important thing is you know you can have help anytime.

Living alone does have its pros and cons. Maintaining a house may be one of the challenges, particularly if you’re a man. The good news is there are ways to get efficient with it.

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