A Commercial or Residential Overhead Door? Look Here

Residential overhead door

A Commercial or Residential Overhead Door? Look Here

How do commercial overhead doors differ from residential types? That is one of the most common questions that garage door buyers ask when looking for the best overhead doors to install. When considering sectional doors to use as overhead garage doors, most residential architectural blueprints allow up to 16 feet in width and 8 feet in height. But, you always can work around that bracket depending on the size of vehicle and machinery that you will be storing in your garage. Also, how often you use the overhead door will play a primary role in defining the size the door should take.

It is for residential use

So, you will not always have ready help whenever you want to open or fix the door. In that case, an overly large overhead door will be more problematic than of much help. The garage door springs and motor might also malfunction under the weight, warns a Salt Lake City overhead door supplier. A smaller door than you need will not solve the problem either, however cheap it may cost to buy, install and maintain.

That means, it is prudent that you consult a garage door specialist to help you determine which residential overhead door will be best for your use. They will evaluate the frequency of use and the level of automation you want for your garage door. Typically, their scope is in working around the design and materials that will not compromise the structural integrity of the overhead door. Beyond that, it is the aesthetics that you will want that will dictate the style of your garage door.

How about commercial overhead doors?

Commercial overhead doorThe conventional thickness of residential overhead doors is, at most, two inches. With that, it is easy to install any recommended insulation for residential spaces. For commercial overhead doors, however, the thickness is about an inch more than that of the residential types. Typically, that is because garage door strength comes as one of the primary concerns for most commercial property owners. But, even when choosing thicker garage doors for added strength, it should not compromise the usability of the door.

To address that, garage door specialists advise that you consider automatic control mechanisms for commercial overhead doors. With this, you can control and monitor the opening and closing of your garage doors remotely. That further reduces risks of garage door breakdowns, as there are nearly zero forced processes. As a result, you will reduce maintenance costs and increases the service life of the overhead doors.

Finding the right overhead door will largely depend on whether you want one for your residential or commercial property. The dimensions will always vary. The weight of the garage door, too, adds a Salt Lake City overhead door specialist. And, so will the sturdiness of the springs and other crucial parts of the door be of critical importance. Nonetheless, your choice of overhead door supplier will matter greatly here also. Work with a well-informed one, and you will get all the details to guide your choice of garage door. Find an experienced one, and you will benefit from their knowledge of industry trends and regulatory compliance.

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