Australian Buck Party Ideas in the Middle of the Pandemic

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Australian Buck Party Ideas in the Middle of the Pandemic

A buck party is your last hurrah to singlehood, so you want to make it enjoyable and memorable. But how do you do it when you’re in Australia and the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Granted, it will be challenging. You and your mates will have to follow changing health protocols. Your plans need to be flexible, and all of you should have a heart that’s prepared to be broken in case none of your wishes come true.

But enough of the overthinking for now. With proper planning, you can do it. As for the best buck party ideas in this pandemic, you still have some excellent options:

1. Yacht Cruise

If you’re worried about dealing with the crowd and social distancing, this is your best bet: take a bucks boat cruise in Sydney Harbour. Pick a luxury boat or yacht according to the number of guests coming. Depending on the size, they can hold between 35 and 71 guests or even more.

Find the best boat for your needs and idea of fun. Do you think about sliding your way to the waters from the boat deck? Get the Cosmos yacht. When you are looking for something simple, Obsession is the best choice.

You can rent these boats by the hour, so you have full control over how long you plan to stay. And if you really have cool friends, they might be willing to split the bill with you. If not, they may surprise you with a party.

Food isn’t a problem either. These cruises already come with a buffet-style meal with cocktails you can sip while watching the sun set in the majestic capital of Australia.

2. Cocktail Making

Do you want more laid-back options for you and your guys? How about a cocktail-making class? Learn to serve up vesper martini a la James Bond, a classic negroni, or the minty mojito that tickles the palate and hopefully never spend more than you should in your next trip to the bar. In fact, you can use the learning to impress your bride-to-be!

Some event organisers can hook you up to a bar that’s offering cocktail-making classes, but you may want to sign up soon. New South Wales is big on social distancing, and so the number of attendees may be limited. You can also opt to book a private class so that you can exchange and share recipes with your friends.

If all of you are busy, you can take at least 30 minutes to one hour of your Friday or Saturday night to learn how to mix drinks virtually. Classes in this method are often cheaper, and you can share the experience with pals who may be in other states.

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3. Bubble Soccer

Bubble soccer is how you say, “Play contact sports but make it fun!” Trying to pass the ball or hit the goal inside a bubble can be difficult and sometimes depressing, but hey, aren’t you all up for the challenge anyway?

Even better, this is the perfect contact sport for those who like to practice social distancing. Being in the bubble ensures you can significantly limit your skin-to-skin interaction with friends. Moreover, the games are usually outdoors, which are better ventilated than indoor venues.

4. Poker Night

Buck parties don’t need to be casual, wild, and rowdy all the time. It can also be classy and probably even money-making. One of the best party ideas for grooms-to-be is a poker night.

Rent an exclusive or private poker room, order some champagne or whisky (or scotch, whichever you prefer), and shuffle the cards. If you want to live the night like a Mafia, then dress to the nines: three-piece suits, leather shoes, and, well, perhaps a fedora hat. Swap your usual cigarettes with Havana cigars to complete the look.

Know that you can always play poker with no bets, but that’s stripping the game of the fun. Who knows, if you win big, you have more funds for the wedding and the honeymoon.

5. Island Trip

As nobody really knows how soon you can gather yourselves together again, an amazing buck party might include an overnight or weekend trip to a nearby island.

There’s Cockatoo Island, a UNESCO World Heritage site that’s accessible via the Sydney Harbour. You can book the yacht for a quick trip here or ride a ferry for a more scenic route. Here, you can learn a thing or two about the island’s convict history and glamp for the night.

About an hour away from the country’s capital is Dangar Island, in case you’re looking for peace. It comes with a bowling hall and access to the sandy Bradleys Beach.

These buck party ideas show that the pandemic doesn’t have to ruin a plan or getaway as long as you do it properly and safely.

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