Preparing for the Ultimate Backyard Tailgating In 2021

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Preparing for the Ultimate Backyard Tailgating In 2021

Recent events surely brought out our creative side, especially when it comes to spending leisure time when our choices are limited to what’s available at home. We have had enough of whiling time away with pets and other satisfying videos on social media, playing online games, home workouts and spa treats, and frequent trips to the fridge. Perhaps, this unprecedentedly mundane lifestyle has numbed you to the point of forgetting how you used to enjoy your free time back in the day. That’s if you’re not going out.

And just because we’re in the middle of a pandemic doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself of the classic pastimes as they’re the most fun or at least evoke that euphoric nostalgia. If it’s been a while, it’s time to revive those weekend parties with the family in your backyard, Dad grilling his so-called best hot dogs and burgers, basking in the sun’s glorious heat, and enjoying homemade cocktails. There is no more opportune time to bond with our loved ones than now.

We might as well make the most out of our time constantly being home-bound. 2021 Major League football or baseball started recently and wouldn’t end until this fall. Yes, those epic once-a-year ads are worth looking out for. Wouldn’t it be nice to steer away from the plain living room viewing experience and take the celebration of your favorite team’s wins up a notch by no other than good ol’ backyard tailgating?

Here are some fool-proof ways you can prepare for one:

Shades to Protect You

If your backyard is bare, as in, there’s no covering on top, you have several options to protect you and your appliances from sunlight during the day or rain just when you’re about to start your party late in the afternoon. There are big parasols or retractable awnings, stylish ones at that, that could contribute to the overall resort-like environment you’d want to achieve. Its poles could double as equipment like fans, sound systems, insect killer lamps, and lighting.

The Best Lighting Choices

There is no better way to create ambiance with lighting. For that festive yet toasty night atmosphere, if not an actual campfire, you can always opt for sconces and patio string lights that emit a warm and almost yellow light. These lights provide the dimness to transition your vision from dusk to evening and won’t compete with the TV screen display, which presents the main event.

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MVP Appliances

Of course, to complete watching the big games live with your loved ones in the best intimate space is your television. Ensure to mount it on an adjustable wall bracket so it can be moved according to where most people are seated. Tilt it down when you’re sitting on couches, then elevate it when you’re on tall bar chairs or you’re occupied with the grill.

You also don’t have to settle for your TV’s low audibility with surround sound speakers specifically for outdoor use. Just like landscape path lights, wireless ones feature mountable satellite speakers that connect to the main system and which you can place all around your backyard. There are also wired but still portable ones with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities, meaning it’s open for use with multiple devices.

If your fridge is a march from your backyard or if you know flies will hover over your ingredients when kept out in the open, worry no more as there are also outdoor refrigerators. This will help your canned beverages and stay cool, and your veggie sticks stay fresh before serving.

Most often than not, you wouldn’t realize how many power sockets you’ll need until your homegating has started. For an uninterrupted viewing or even gaming experience, if you have a game console, it would be wise to have a residential power generator installed. This will keep all other gadgets fueled through the whole affair.

Food and Drinks

Aside from the good company, good food and drinks never fail to complete any occasion. Whip out those family-exclusive recipes, season meat according to tradition, don’t hold back from finally making those ales or beer you’ve been watching YouTube tutorials for, and see how satisfying it is to be more intentional with the courses you’ll prepare. It’s for your loved ones, might as well make them the most special.

This year, don’t make the same mistake of missing another chance for homegating or having a backyard party. Weekends or leisure time would never be the same with a warmly lit and fully equipped backyard for that festive vibe you’ve always wanted. See how easy it is to prepare for one that you can see yourself doing more frequently with our suggestions.

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