Pandemic Fatigue? Here’s How to Beat That Stress

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Pandemic Fatigue? Here’s How to Beat That Stress

What a tough year it has been for us, huh? Even now when restrictions are lifting, life isn’t fully back to normal yet. States are arguing about vaccine mandates and people cannot go safely out of their homes without wearing a mask. The lack of social connections left many people anxious and depressed. As we fear for our health, there’s also growing fatigue because of the pandemic. Isn’t it time to get this over with already?

Admit it, every time you turn a corner, life stresses you out. It’s been like that this whole pandemic. People are exhausted. They’re losing loved ones, investments, and opportunities. Kids are stuck at home. They can’t easily get out of their states and countries because of different COVID-19 restrictions. There is so much animosity among people that many times, you just want to get out and forget about it all.

Hiking and Camping

Have you tried hiking and camping? It’s not for everyone but it takes your mind off things to almost hear your muscles scream in pain. Hiking gives you a sense of accomplishment as soon as you reach the top. There’s something exhilarating about reaching the top of the mountain and seeing what you accomplished to get there.

Once there, you can set up camp, roast marshmallows by a campfire, and sip a cold beer while you look at the ground below you. It’s the most wonderful way to de-stress and forget about city and suburban life for a while. But that doesn’t mean you have to live with nature’s discomforts. Bring anti-itch lotions or ask for tips from professional tick control providers so you won’t have to endure these pests in your camping area.


Another peaceful expedition is fishing. Have you ever tried fishing in your life? Many are in love with fishing because of how calming and relaxing it is. Imagine yourself on a boat lounging on a chair as you wait for any fish to fall into your bait and traps. Add another image of a cold beer in your hand. Thinking about it is relaxing enough; what more if you’re able to do it yourself?

If you need to rethink your life’s options right now, going on a fishing expedition is a good option. Add that to the fact that fishing can be competitive if you want to. You can invite friends and family to join your trip and see who among you can catch the biggest one.

Road Trips

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Don’t you wish you can just pack your bags and never look back? Don’t you wish that you can leave the pandemic behind? Why don’t you do it? So, pack your bags and throw them in the trunk of your car and drive outside the state. Road trips are great for the soul. They allow you to make mistakes on the road without huge consequences. As long as you drive safely, you’ll encounter very few challenges on the road.

You can have an exciting adventure by going off-route. You can make side trips to see different parts of the country. If you want to be alone, road trips are a safe enough adventure. But if you want to take your family with you, that’s great, too. Consider renting a recreational vehicle if kids are going to come with you.

Spa Weekend and Staycation

Most of the time, you only have the weekend to spend on yourself. Why not a spa weekend or a staycation in a nearby hotel? Vacations don’t always mean going out of the city or the state or the country. It can be as simple as having a two-hour massage or spending your weekend getting pampered in a spa. You will thank yourself for such a calming weekend especially during these tough times.

Low-risk Activities

While things are slowly going back to normal, it’s still important to find activities that health experts consider low risk. Walking, hiking, camping, painting, going on a drive, biking, and reading a good book are some of these activities. Check the restrictions in your destination before you book a hotel or a rental car.

Fatigue because of the pandemic is real to many people. Don’t let anyone dismiss what you are going through because of the coronavirus. However, don’t also lose hope that the world will soon find its way out of this crisis. If there’s one thing that’s true with men, it is their capacity to survive even the most turbulent of times. If the pandemic is any indication, it looks like everyone is finding their own way of navigating the threat and the impact of the coronavirus.

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