Men’s Oral Health: The Benefits of Having Straight Teeth

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Men’s Oral Health: The Benefits of Having Straight Teeth

Crooked teeth are widely considered a cosmetics problem. In a society that gives a significant amount of attention to looks, having a beautiful smile can influence your overall appeal as a person. In 2012, about 44% of male adult patients were found to have gotten dental braces.

Still, a lot of people shy away from undergoing orthodontic treatments to enhance their teeth. This is mostly caused by the misconception that getting these treatments would be bothersome and uncomfortable. Fortunately, various teeth-straightening treatment options cater to a wide range of individuals, from invisible aligners to traditional metal braces. Consult your local invisalign treatment specialist or trusted orthodontist to find out the best solution that works best for you.

For a lot of men, having straight teeth is not just about looking better. It is also about living the best version of your life. Here are some reasons why this is true.

Improves your overall health

Research shows that men are more likely to avoid seeing the dentist and slack off when it comes to taking care of their teeth. Most of these individuals don’t realize that the conditions of their mouth and the rest of your body are connected. Inadequately taking care of your gums snowball into and can cause complications like Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Gum disease actually causes harmful bacteria to enter your bloodstream, potentially resulting in grave conditions.

Moreover, crooked teeth can lead to various problems, such as indigestion, headaches, migraines, tooth damage, and issues with functionality. To avoid experiencing these unfortunate ailments, maintaining your mouth and teeth can be a great solution. Straightening your teeth can be the first step you can take for an ultimately healthier body.

Boosts your self-esteem and confidence

A lot of people with crooked teeth tend to have lower self-esteem due to their insecurities. Most individuals also frown upon the idea of getting braces because of the perception that mainstream society has on individuals who get braces. To enhance your overall health, you still have to take into account your mental and emotional condition. One thing that contributes to this is your confidence and self-esteem. You’ll be surprised how much of an impact straight teeth have on how you carry yourself in front of other people. With perfectly aligned teeth, you’ll indeed tend to smile more. Furthermore, a study shows just how smiling more can lead to numerous health benefits like reduced stress levels and enhanced cognitive function.

Build better personal and professional relationships

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Smiles are a big factor that influences a person’s first impression of you when you meet them. It’s the first thing a person notices when talking to someone at a party or your local grocery store. There are even some situations when a smile can say a lot about a person’s personality and likeability. When it comes to personal relationships, most men and women look at the teeth to judge whether they are worth a second date. Teeth can be an indicator of health and hygiene habits. That is why straight and clean teeth are a plus when it comes to building intimate relationships.

Other than that, the state of your teeth can also affect your chances of getting hired. Moreover, most people claim that it can also affect your eligibility for promotions and higher salaries. Just like how a perfect smile can reflect a perfect person, crooked teeth can allow employers to assume that you have a poor personality and work ethic.

About 30% of individuals admit that the state of their teeth holds them back from having a successful job interview. Not only does having crooked teeth lower your confidence, but job interviewers would also automatically underestimate your capabilities as an employee and assume that you tend to have bad lifestyle choices and poor self-discipline. Your appearance can largely affect the company’s image or reputation. That is why some employers are a bit particular when it comes to teeth.

The takeaway

There is a misconception that taking care of oneself can reduce one’s masculinity. However, as mentioned above, having straight teeth can be your key to an almost perfect life. For men who struggle with crooked teeth, having them straightened can ultimately improve your lifestyle and overall health in the long run. It may even get you to land a date or two. With the help of a professional, planning your treatment can be inexpensive and uncomplicated. It is never too late to fix your crooked teeth and turn them into a perfect and confident smile that can let you reach the best version of your life.

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