Three of the Best Mods That You Can Do for Your BMW

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Three of the Best Mods That You Can Do for Your BMW

Owning a car is one of the most common life goals that any adult can have, next to homeownership and starting their own family. Having a car can also symbolize financial stability because it means that they can afford the monthly dues that comes with car ownership—an adult rite of passage of some sort.

This is even more of a dream come true if you can get yourself a BMW, which is among the best luxury cars offered in the market. Imagine turning a few heads on the street while driving your sleek BMW and arriving at your destination in style. You’ll be the talk of the town for sure.

But even the latest automotive models offered in the market aren’t equipped with everything you’re going to want and need in your car. Fortunately, there are plenty of BMW retrofitting services that offer impeccable upgrades for their clients, which will apply to both interior and exterior mods.

With car customization, the only limits that you’re going to face are the skills of your chosen retrofitters and the amount you’re willing to spend. Other than those, the world will be your oyster. If you have no idea where to begin, you can consider having these three mods done to your BMW:

CarPlay Installation

If you’re like many drivers who are dependent on navigational apps to get to where they need to go, or simply want to watch movies in their car’s built-in entertainment system, then having CarPlay installed is the right mod for you. This mod will allow you to connect your phone to the car via a wireless connection or a USB cable.

You won’t even have to worry about CarPlay being incompatible with your device because it will work for both android and iOS models. This way, you won’t have to struggle to look at your small phone screen, which can potentially fall while you’re driving, because you will only need to look at your car’s display.

With CarPlay installed in your BMW’s head unit, you can immediately lessen your chances of being in a phone-related road accident. In a way, the CarPlay mod will allow you to mirror your phone screen onto your car’s built-in entertainment system for navigation, music, messages, or even phone calls.

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Front-view and Rear-view Cameras

If you have trouble with parking in tight spaces or just want to minimize the damages that your vehicle will sustain on the day-to-day, then equipping your BMW with front-view and rear-view cameras might be a good investment. These cameras will allow you to see low obstacles and objects that are in your mirrors’ blind spots, which can help you avoid sustaining scratches and dents on your bumpers.

Most front-view and rear-view cameras are equipped with wide-angle lenses to help you navigate roads better. They can also produce high-quality images that will show up on your native iDrive display so that you won’t be caught by surprise when there are small hidden objects in your path.

With cost-effective front-view and rear-view cameras, you can save a lot of money in the long run because you won’t have to spend on expensive repairs due to the safety hazards outside of your line of vision. Of course, all BMW models are different, so you will need to consult with professional retrofitters to find the right cameras for your car.

Car Wrapping

If you’re worried that your car’s paint will peel or suffer damages over time due to its constant exposure to the elements, then car wrapping might just be the perfect mod for your BMW. This will allow you to preserve the integrity of your car’s existing painted surface without permanently damaging it.

That’s because car wraps are basically protective vinyl stickers. Car wrapping is a method of changing your car’s exterior appearance by applying cut vinyl sheets that are professionally fitted on your car’s panels. And these vinyl wraps can easily be removed if you want to replace them in the future.

Through car wrapping, you will have lots of options when it comes to the color or design that you want placed on your car. This method is a cheaper alternative to having your car repainted and it can offer more protection for your car’s original paint job because the vinyl wraps are the ones directly exposed to the elements.

There are plenty of mods that you can have done on your car, whether they are made to improve its overall appearance or performance. The sky is the limit because after all, it’s your car. But keep in mind that not all mods can be beneficial to your car, so choose your mods wisely.

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