Boho-Chic Designs and Elements You Can Add to Your Home


Boho-Chic Designs and Elements You Can Add to Your Home

If you’ve been looking for different ways to decorate your space, you’ve likely come across eclectic and bohemian-inspired decor. It’s a vibrant, patterned, and multicultural combination of layers and elements that nobody can’t miss — or forget.

If you want to bring the timeless beauty of the boho look into your home, there are a couple of ‘key’ elements and pieces you can incorporate that can help you immediately capture those vibes.

Here are some of the crucial designs and elements for the perfect boho design.

Incorporate ‘Global’ Accents

Since boho culture has a history of celebrating nomadic artists, just like women have custom-designed luxury earrings and necklaces to commemorate a particular person or relive a memory, home accessories honoring these free spirits’ global influence are essential. Items like tribal prints, Buddha statues, and urns can help you achieve an authentic bohemian look.

Moreover, if you’re fortunate enough to travel to far-flung places, search for authentic pieces that can help you implement an ethnic-eclectic vibe to your home. If you don’t, you can always decorate using a vintage globe, adding a charming travel-centric piece celebrating the bohemian culture.

Use Natural and Rustic Finishes

The hippy culture influence of the 60s and 70s boho-chic style urged in an infusion of accessories using natural and raw materials, ranging from rattan to wood. Consider adding woven wall decor, classic macrame plant hangers, or a decorative ladder filled with your favorite trinkets. Although boho-chic encourages using natural texture, don’t hesitate in throwing in a few metallic accents, such as a Buddha statue or metal floor lamp, to add a bit of shine alongside the natural elements — emphasizing the beauty of the space.

vintage hourglass

Add Vintage Pieces

Like most eclectic home spaces, boho-inspired rooms make creative use of unique vintage pieces. However, rather than using American primitive elements or rustic market finds, go for mid-century modern accessories or anything inspired by the free spirit ‘hippy culture’ back in the 60s and 70s. For instance, use an arc lamp and cover it with a tribal print rug or create a gallery wall using magazine covers from the same era.

Add More Texture

One of the most distinguishing features of any boho-chic home is that it never lacks texture and the best part is — you can achieve this in numerous ways, giving you the freedom to explore your creativity. Think of hanging tapestries, layers throw over your furniture, or stock up on pillows and pile them on your couch. After all, in bohemianism, ‘more is more,’ so add all the things you love in one space to capture the authentic bohemian ‘look.’

Keep It Casual

Most importantly, to complete the look of any boho-chic space, you need to keep it casual. Boho-chic designs aren’t fussy. So, consider adding floor cushions, piles of pillows, or anything that encourages casual conversations instead of ‘stuffy furniture’ that elicits formal vibes.

The trending boho-chic style has taken its influence from the free spirits of bohemian generations, adding a unique touch to today’s modern homes. The designs and elements mentioned are some of the best ways to embrace the boho-chic style in your abode.

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