Dude Advisory: Don’t Be Blinded By The Fitness Industry!

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Dude Advisory: Don’t Be Blinded By The Fitness Industry!

Although staying at home wasn’t the most exciting of things to do for the past year, many guys like yourself took the opportunity for self-improvement, especially in the realm of fitness and working out from the comfort of home. As a result, we’ve seen an ongoing trend of young and inspired dudes navigating through the fitness industry, learning new ways to improve their metabolism, and making some good progress with their newbie gains during these trying times.

However, now that most, if not, all of the guys are well above the initial benefits of just starting, we are also starting to learn that many of these new fitness enthusiasts are motivated for all the wrong reasons. And, while there’s nothing wrong with looking up to models or that ideal physique, it’s actually a destructive outlook that blinds these young men from the truth of what real progress looks like.

Why Magazine Covers And Media Tend To Lie

Of course, we are not saying that the physique of models and athletes you see plastered on magazines and all over social media is impossible to achieve; it’s actually within a reasonable reach if you’re not going overboard. However, there are some hidden push factors that give these people an edge when it comes to accomplishing that ideal physique, push factors that you might not have the same access to.

  • Some Athletes And Models Are Enhanced: While some people consider it a hard pill to swallow, many athletes, models, and actors are enhanced because performing at their level requires that extra punch. However, the problem lies within the motivation it sparks among people, thinking that they can achieve the same through natural means. So, try to keep things realistic and don’t compare yourself to the best of the best.
  • Sell You The Dream Of Instant Gains: Another major issue in the fitness industry is how many alleged “fitness coaches” love to sell you the dream of instant gains. Their dialogue often follows the “my workout plan is the best and guarantees you instant progress,” but we all know where that plan is often headed. Remember, anything worth having takes effort and time, and the same logic applies to get that dream physique.
  • Photo Editing and Lighting Help: Lastly, most of what you see posted online is misleading because it has already gone through an extensive amount of photo editing and was taken in the best lighting possible. Therefore, it’s pretty unfair to compare yourself to a picture of a dude wherein all the factors are working in his favor. In fact, you can achieve the same if you know your way around lighting and a bit of editing as well.

Keep Your Chin Up!

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Sure, the fitness industry is oversaturated with so much advice and programs, it’s become excruciatingly difficult to discern bad ones from good ones. But with a bit of effort and hard work on your part, you can easily steer away from any destructive mindset and keep pushing forward with a healthy outlook on men’s fitness.

#1 Start Slow And Gradually Work Your Way Up

We know how overused the quote “slow and steady wins the race” may sound, but there’s no principle that speaks louder of what real progress and good fitness are truly like. You’re always better off going at your own pace and slowly working your way up because this gives your body time to adapt and your working self the opportunity to adjust your schedules along the way. So, don’t dwell too much on trying to get that toned look in just six months because everyone’s body is different!

#2 Set Reasonable Expectations For Yourself

Nothing’s wrong with innocently idolizing and striving to get just as ripped as Chris Hemsworth when he played as Thor or maybe even Chris Evans when he played as Captain America as he got injected with the super-soldier serum. But, we want to remind you that genetics plays a huge role in what your body is capable of looking like, and not everyone looks the same even after putting in the same amount of effort. So, set reasonable expectations and don’t bother if you don’t look exactly like your favorite stars.

#3 Don’t Beat Yourself Up Over Blunders, They Happen!

Last but not least, if you ever hit a bump in your workout grind or can’t seem to escape a plateau, we want to emphasize that blunders do happen, and you don’t have to beat yourself up over them. Entertaining negative thoughts like that will only spiral you down further into more destructive habits like episodes of excessive binge-eating to gain weight. Don’t be too harsh on yourself, and if things are going bad right now, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Nobody Decides For You

Overall, understand that no one in this world decides for you, and that goes for how you approach fitness. Nobody’s saying you have to look like the Hulk or be as big as Thanos, so go at your own pace and embrace the progress you’re able to make on your own terms.

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