Car Care for Neat Freaks

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Car Care for Neat Freaks

Just like your home, you should treat your car like a haven. It is a machine that takes you practically anywhere you want, and comfortably at that. You want to take care of it the best that you can so it can last and serve you for a long time, just like those durable batteries you can purchase from reliable suppliers such as Full Spectrum Power.

One important aspect of car care is cleanliness. You will never know if you will be safe from having small objects or dust scattered around the many corners of your vehicle. They can cause some serious damage if they get lodged or cut into important parts of your car, like the motorized windows. That is why it is important for you to keep things clutter-free and clean at all times. Here are some suggestions for those who aspire to be neat freaks.

The Vacuum Is Your Best Friend

Unlike your house, which is gifted with lots of space for you to move around in, your car is more compact and cramped. You cannot expect much from something that considers extra legroom a luxury. If someone had an accident and got grainy stuff like sand or crumbs all over, it would be a nightmare to clean. The contortionist in you will have to show up, as you need to bend and squeeze into what little space you have in your vehicle. But there is a ray of hope for you, especially if you have got quite a huge frame. Vacuum cleaners are really cheap these days, so you can grab yourself a handheld one and just suck up all that random debris. Just point it to where you want to make the most damage, and observe how it cleans up your interior in no time.

Communicate Rules to Passengers Kindly

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You cannot escape the fact that you will have other people getting into your car. Your family and friends are a given, but you may give your office colleagues a ride now and then. It would be hard to gauge how much they care about cleanliness, but if you must there is nothing wrong with asking them to be mindful of their trash or disposable stuff. If there are kids involved, you can approach their parents and let them know of your rules. It is your car after all, and you are just looking out for it.

Stock up on Wipes

Hands tend to go everywhere and touch everything. When you are on the road, you do not expect to have soap and water with you in case your hands got into something that is oily or greasy. Short of wiping the stuff onto your shirt, do the civilized thing and stock up some wipes in your car. These are usually packed and served in pull-out packs, so it should not be hard to find a place to put them in. They are also great if you need to clean the dust off hard and smooth surfaces like your dashboard.

There is nothing wrong with being obsessed about cleanliness if that means having a great level of comfort for you and your passengers. Do not feel shy about being strict about it, because it is for the sake of everybody. So go ahead and be proud of how crazy you are about being neat in your car.

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