Choosing the Right Bike for Your Skill and Activity

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Choosing the Right Bike for Your Skill and Activity

Everyone who wants to get into cycling always asks the same question: “What type of bike should I get?”

Getting the right bike is important to make the most out of the type of riding you’d be doing. Many people will say that the best bike is the bike you currently have or the one you can buy for a low price.

While that may be true, that doesn’t always apply to all people. For example, you can use road bikes in a mountain bike trail. Who’s going to stop you? But expect a rougher experience and a lot of flats along the way.

Riding Style

You see, a bike has different parts that make it suitable for your specific style. If you want to explore a mountain trail, you would obviously need a mountain bike. If you want to ride flat roads, your best bet would be a road bike. If you want to ride both, you can opt to get a cyclocross bike. There are a lot of bikes out there. You’re bound to find one that best suits your needs.

Work with whatever is best for your budget. If you’re just starting out, you may not want to buy a very expensive high-end model. Entry level bikes are best for beginners. Ask your local bike shop for any recommendations, as well as tips on riding.

Type of Riding

cyclists riding bike together

Are you riding for fitness? Will you start riding as a hobby? Are you trying to go pro?

If you’re going for fitness and hobby rides, try going on solo rides. It will help you get familiar with the bike and the terrain you’re in. You can also meet up with your friends for some company. There’s no need to pressure yourself if you just want to get out there and have some fun.

But if you are trying to go pro, that’s a whole different matter. Training is different and should be taken seriously. Everything from technique to exercise and everything else should be prioritized if you want to be the best.

Once you’re done training, it’s time to put your skills to the test. Events like the L’Etape du Tour 2019 are ideal for non-professional riders. But if you feel you lack the skills or confidence, you can always start with smaller races. In the end, everyone just wants to do what they love: riding bikes.

Riding Gear

Once you’ve picked your bike, you will need riding equipment to get you nice and settled. Helmets, gloves, and the right type of shoes are essential for your safety. If you want to take it a step further, look for elbow and knee pads for extra protection. You’ll never know when an accident might occur.

For your bike, you can install some lights in front and at the back for improved visibility. You can even hang a bag around your bike if you need to bring some extra tubes and tools.

This short guide should help determine what type of bike or riding you should be going for. If you’re having doubts on what to get, ask your local bike dealer for more information.

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