Clever Lighting Tips and Tricks to Make a Space Look and Feel Larger

Tricks to Make a Space Look Bigger

Clever Lighting Tips and Tricks to Make a Space Look and Feel Larger

Did you know that the right lighting strategy could instantly transform a small space and make it look and feel more spacious than it really is? One of the easiest and most effective ways of going about this is by letting in more natural light.

But what if your condo renovation plans in Singapore doesn’t allow for this? Don’t fret, here are some lighting tips and tricks to make you small condo look and feel more airy and massive.

The Trick is to Make All the Corners in a Room Fade

Put simply, to make the corners in any given space fade to the background, you need to illuminate them strategically. Highly visible corners can make your space feel and look boxed in and cramped. But lighting them up conceals this visibility and lends an illusion of more space and depth.

You just have to careful of glare, which you can do by concealing light sources using recessed lighting, spotlights and the right lamps, which you can never really have too many of. Using lamps in multiple points in your room will make it seem huge, spacious, warmer and cosier.

To further conceal corners, light up the room’s perimeter to create the illusion of the walls fading out. You can utilise a mixture of these lighting fixtures to light up a room’s corners:

  • Lamps – These include the table, desk, accent and floor lamps.
  • Wall Lights – These include sconces, picture lights and wall washers.
  • Ceiling Lights – These include pendant lights, chandeliers, track lighting, spotlights or accent lights, and recessed lighting.

It’s All About Using Different Lighting Fixtures

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Although illuminating corners is the most effective way to make your space look larger using lighting, you can also consider the following lighting tactics to brighten up the entire room and make it appear even larger:

  • Accent and spotlights. Because the eye travels very quick around a space, allow them to linger on focal points in a room using accent lights and spotlights to highlight them and distract viewers from the actual size of the space.
  • Lots of pendant lights. Hanging up pendant lights at different points will give you that cosy eclectic feel and the right overhead glow. Consider utilising pendant lights with different sizes and textures, and then installing them at varying heights to create more visual interest and depth. This will also give you a kind of layered lighting affair with a more relaxing and softer feel than a single overhead lighting fixture can give.
  • Lamps, lamps and more lamps everywhere. Combining different lamps and placing them on the floor, table, desk, etc. at varying level could instantly give a warm and soft glow to any space.
  • Wall sconces and washers. Aside from illuminating a space, these are likewise especially ideal if you have textured walls that you want to accentuate.
  • Picture lights. If you have artwork on your walls that you want to feature, highlighting them with picture lights will ensure that they pop and be noticed.

Do not underestimate the power and illusion a good lighting layout can offer. Done right, it can really make your abode look and feel more massive, airier and brighter.

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