Different Kinds of Cabins and Sheds You Can Build in Your Backyard


Different Kinds of Cabins and Sheds You Can Build in Your Backyard

While your home may have enough space for everything you need, not all of your tools or equipment can be kept inside. You can make renovations inside the house to increase indoor storage, but many homeowners now choose to add extra space by installing sheds in the backyard. You’ll get to enjoy more living space due to the reduced clutter. If you have a garage, you can now clear it out and use it for its intended purpose. Also, you can properly store unsightly pieces of equipment, keep track of where they are, and keep your home cleaner with these additions. Feel free to choose from these kinds of sheds classified according to their function and purpose:

Garden Shed

If you want to plant properly and keep the place maintained, you’ll need to use different tools and materials. Garden sheds are fitted with shelves and other storage spaces that are made to help you store and organise the items you need for taking care of the greenery. Without a garden shed, you’ll have to remember where you’ve left the tools you need and then get them from the opposite end of the yard, inside the garage, or any other storage spot. With a garden shed, you can just go in, grab the tool you need, and continue with your gardening.


Do you want to keep engaging in a hobby but need solitude or minimal disturbance from other members of the household? Then this kind of shed is for you. This is best for hobbies such as painting, woodworking, or even metal crafting. You can also use this type of shed as a guest room or an office. Even if you don’t visit it much, the extra space can also function as storage for your large tools or dangerous equipment, especially if you have small children. You can contact a company that specialises in constructing cabins for backyards to have one built for you.

Tool Shed

Just like garden sheds, this shed functions mostly as storage for your tools, whatever their purpose may be. It is the most common variety that you can find in a household and serves to keep almost anything that needs to be outside your home. Having a tool shed can help open up living space inside your residence. You can keep the items that you don’t use regularly out of sight. This way, you can reduce clutter and only have everyday necessities on hand.

Combination Shed

allotment garden with a small cabin

As the name suggests, this is all of the types mentioned above in one. It can also double as an extra lounge or quarters for your guests who need to stay over. However, this shed will require more intricate designs and layout. It can also be used for both storage and hobby purposes as in the case of a man cave. It can cost more than the conventional type of shed, but it’s worth the cost because of its versatility.

When the time comes for building a custom shed or cabin regardless of its purpose, you’ll need to consider some important factors such as design, style, and space. That said, don’t forget to consult the experts to get the best outcome. Having storage space in your yard means that you’ll know where everything is, and that fact in itself is worth the cost of putting it up.

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