Expert Pool Supplies Equipment for DIY Cleaning

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Expert Pool Supplies Equipment for DIY Cleaning

Have you recently started your journey as a pool owner, or have you had your fair share of pool cleaning experiences? Either way, you will still need the proper supplies to keep your pool clean at all times.

Before going to your local pool store and spending a lot of money on supplies, make sure you know the essential ones to get. There are dozens of products in the market today, and you can fall into the trap of buying things you don’t need.

To make it easier for you, we have listed the top six pool supplies that will help you clean your pool like an expert:

Water Test Strips

These strips are essential for proper pool maintenance. It is best to test your pool’s water at least once a week. Regular testing lets you know when it is necessary to add chemicals to the pool.

It prevents the buildup of bacteria and algae, helping you maintain its pristine appearance.
Water strips cover all the necessary levels you need to keep track of, including chlorine, bromine, water hardness, alkalinity, PH levels, and the presence of cyanuric acid.

Pool Shock

Pool shock is an essential chemical to have around for maintaining your pool. If your pool’s water is balanced, it should not emit any smell. When it starts to smell pungent, it means its sanitizer level is too low. Using this chemical will increase your pool’s sanitizer level, killing bacteria and algae and ensuring that your water is clean.

Algae Brush

Aside from bacteria, algae are the next most common pool invader. It requires special care, and if you are dealing with a massive buildup of pool algae, the best way to remove it is to scrub it off your pool’s surfaces.

For this task, you can use an algae brush, preferably one that has stainless steel bristles. It can easily break the algae’s grip on your pool’s surfaces, saving you a lot of time.

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Telescoping Pole

This pool equipment is a versatile cleaning support tool. You can use it as a manual vacuum, pool brush, or pool skimmer. Its length helps you reach the deepest parts of your pool without needing to bend, and it takes up minimal space when you store it.

Multi-purpose Surface Cleaner

Sunlight, warm water, and possible food sources such as a person’s body oil can attract bacteria and algae to your pool. That’s why a regular cleaning schedule and the maintenance of the chemical balance of the pool are critical.

It’s best to use muriatic acid alternatives or cleaning solutions for pools when maintaining the chemical balance of your pool. Muriatic acid can be dangerous if accidentally spilled, and it emits toxic fumes.

So the best and safest way to clean your pool is by using mild and multi-purpose cleaners. It lets you clean your little slice of paradise without exposing you and your family to the dangers of muriatic acid and other harsh chemicals.

Filter Cleaner

A considerable part of your pool water’s health is related to how well the pool’s filter function works. Dirt and grime buildup in a pool’s filter is inevitable, so it’s best to invest in filter cleaners to remove residue with ease.

This will prevent cloudy and dirty water at the same time and improve the efficiency of the filter. Check your pressure gauge and water clarity regularly to see if you need to clean your filters.
Adding these essential supplies to your arsenal will help you clean your pool like a pro and maintain the beauty of your backyard paradise with ease.

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