Holiday Gifts for Your Male Employees

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Holiday Gifts for Your Male Employees

The holidays are fast approaching. This means that businesses have to think about ways to incentivize their employees this holiday season. Since they’ll be working extra hard this season, it’s only right that employers think of ways to show their appreciation to their employees. It’s an excellent culture to develop in the office because valued employees are productive employees.

However, while there is a popular opinion that it’s hard to give gifts to women, the truth is the opposite. It is harder to think about what men want because there are very few options. With women, a gift certificate for a spa weekend is enough to put a smile on their faces. But what about men? What are the things that an employer can give to them during the holidays?

Gift Cards

Perhaps, there is no lazier gift than gift cards and gift certificates. You’re basically giving your employees money to buy whatever they want. That’s good, but it’s impersonal and represents zero effort. There are many options when you choose to give gift cards. You can either buy from a merchant or one of those popular digital gifting and rewards companies.

Care package

Who said only women love receiving care packages with creams, lotions, and colognes? Men love those. Although men usually have a preference for their scent, they love receiving shaving creams, hand lotions, and even deodorants. You can also include hair wax, gel, and other hair products since men love to style their hair no matter how much they deny it.

And if you have effeminate men in the office, you can include spa products in the care package. Anyone would feel a whole lot better after taking a dip in the bathtub (if they have one), so why not include a bubble bath in the package? These are instant pick-me-uppers.

Curated Boxes

These boxes are all the rage now. From charcuterie and cheeses to desserts, there are a myriad of options you can choose from if you want curated gift boxes as company gifts. There are non-food curated boxes, too, so you’ll have a field day picking the best one for your employees. For men, they’ll probably be partial to a curated box with a small bottle of whiskey, some cold cuts, and a couple of imported cheeses.

Board Games

People are looking forward to the holidays because their kids are going to go home from college, and it’s the perfect excuse for a family reunion. What do families do during reunions aside from squabble and eat? They play their favorite board games. These are the games that remind them of their childhood. It’s a fantastic idea to give these kinds of gifts to your male employees because they’re usually the gamemaster in every reunion.


Noise-canceling Headphones

Almost all men love to play video games. If more than 90% of your male employees are at least playing a video game, then they also know the value of a good set of noise-canceling headphones. Why not give them one? Even those who already have a nice set will still love getting a spare set of headphones.

Back Cushions

All of your employees will appreciate receiving a cute cushion for their lower back. Sitting all day has its health implications, so it’s nice to know that your bosses remember how lower back pain. Help your employees address the problem of a sedentary lifestyle by making sure they are comfortable while working in the office. Even male employees who don’t love complaining about physical pain will see the difference a cushion makes.

Personal Fitness Equipment

An employee gift doesn’t have to be something as grand as a treadmill or a stationary bike. That kind of gift is for raffle prizes and not a thank-you-for-working-hard-during-the-holidays gift. You can consider giving your male employees resistance bands, yoga mats, jump rope, power twister, and dumbbells. These can help them work out from the comforts of their own homes.

Another great gift idea is a gym membership. You can strike a deal with a fitness center near you so that you only have to pay a part of the original price. If you’re buying several of these gym memberships, the facility might even provide as much as 30% off the fee.

These are all great gift ideas for your male employees. You can group your employees, so you can customize the gift that you’re going to give them. While holidays gifts are not required, they are a great way to show one’s appreciation for people who have stood by your company even amid turbulent times such as the pandemic. This holiday, companies are expecting a better Christmas for everyone.

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