How Do You Appropriately Take Care of a Luxury Car?

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How Do You Appropriately Take Care of a Luxury Car?

From the lush trim of a Porsche to the glistening chrome of a classic BMW, these status symbols are mostly a rolling calling card of success. With their premium price tag, however, comes extra care. If you’ve purchased a luxury vehicle, make sure you heed these maintenance pointers.

Keep your car serviced at regular intervals.

It’s essential to get a full service for your vehicle at the right time. Your car will likely come with a maintenance manual to guide you, but a good number to follow is to get it done after the first 5,000 miles, and then every 10,000 miles after. Since luxury vehicles have parts that are harder to come by and require an extra touch of care, make sure you scope out any specialty shops like Autowerkes that can handle the job in your vicinity or a location that is convenient with your route.

Don’t skimp on the right cleaning materials.

If you’re thinking of getting your savings on the tools you use to keep your car clean, think again. Using inferior chemicals and items on premium materials can be ineffective at best, and disastrous at its worst. Invest in a reliable microfiber cleaning cloth, a clay bar, protectant, a gentle vacuum, and either a prime fabric cleaner or leather conditioner (depending on your interiors). That will keep your car pristine much longer and keep rides comfortable.

Avoid letting dirt and grime buildup.

One would think this is an obvious tip. Still, a survey of 2,000 vehicle owners revealed that most people don’t actually clean their car enough times and only bother to check on the finer areas and nooks or crannies if they anticipate that they will have passengers. Not only is this unhealthy, but it can also ruin your interiors and exteriors. The paint degrades from this buildup and even affects the quality of the metal.

Be mindful of your driving habits.

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Bad driving habits are no good for any vehicle, but you’ll also have to be more careful if you want to keep your car looking good and running well. Driving fast and loose can scuff the exteriors of your ride and make it look worn with skidding and the like. It can also make you more likely to damage core components if you drive over potholes and park wrongly.

Remember the two “T”s.

The two T’s you want to have the lowdown on are your tire and trim. The exact trim level of your car can help you determine the kind of care it entails, and help you know what differences your specific model may have from others in the market. Of course, your tires, whether or not you take great care to make these look just as aesthetically appealing, are some of the most critical parts that keep your car running. Don’t let these lose air and make sure you consistently check on the treads so you can keep up your performance and stay safe.

With all of these in order, you should be able to keep cruising on with your gorgeous whip.

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