How Much Should You Spend to Hire a Plumber for a Broken Toilet?


How Much Should You Spend to Hire a Plumber for a Broken Toilet?

The average cost of professional repairs for a broken toilet can reach $217 for this year, although the total cost could be more or less depending on factors such as where you live in the U.S.

If you live in Utah, the cost of hiring a 24-hour drain cleaner in Sandy or Salt Lake City is an example. Emergency plumbers typically charge a higher call-out fee, particularly for those who are quite far away. Hence, you should make sure to remember the contact details of the nearest contractor to reduce your expenses. While generally more expensive, an emergency HVAC professional should be the one to inspect your toilet.

Toilet Parts and Expenses

Severe clogs may cost up to $600, so it makes sense to hire a plumber regularly to inspect your system. A flat rate for inspection would be worth it to prevent spending more in the future. Otherwise, the severe blockage might require the contractor to remove the fixture before solving the problem. This could cost between $150 and $300.

Homeowners who need a new tank should expect to spend up to $300, which includes the cost of labor. Your service provider could finish this job within two hours. On the other hand, the plumber can suggest that you replace the whole unit when the toilet bowl is damaged since there may not be much of a price difference. Toilets last for up to 20 years before you may need a replacement. If your old one has been used longer than that, then buying a replacement makes more sense than repairs.

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DIY Work

Some replacement parts are easy to do by yourself. For instance, leaks coming into the toilet bowl may stem from a broken flapper. When the flush works correctly yet water leaks into the basin, there is a good chance that you need to replace the flapper. It may only cost at least $5 to install a new one before changing it again after three to five years. Fault flanges could be another reason, and these cost between $7 and $20 each.

Replacement for a valve and wax ring are other kinds of jobs that you could do by yourself, which cost at least $8 and $50, respectively. Clogged toilets are another issue that you can attempt to solve on your own first. You could try using a toilet auger if a plunger does not work.

When all else fails, it might be better to contact a professional when the problem involves severe leaks and huge cracks. You should consider a licensed and insured professional to do the job because your home insurance might not reimburse your expenses by cutting corners on an inexperienced plumber.

In the end, remember that any problem in your bathroom should be addressed promptly as soon as you notice it. Water damage resulting from prolonged issues can be a serious issue later on. Be sure to ask for multiple quotes from various professionals before choosing the right one. This allows you to compare rates.

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