How to Make Your Home More Accessible to Elderly Family Members

elderly man on wheelchair

How to Make Your Home More Accessible to Elderly Family Members

Many elderly people have more delicate bones, muscles, and body parts compared to much younger people that a little slip may risk a bigger chance of injury. It is crucial that the design of the house is done with this in mind to avoid accidents that can put their lives in danger. These adjustments will make your home more accessible for elderly household members.

Make Sure the Appliances Work for the Elders

Always remind yourself that elders have lesser manual dexterity as they age. This means it is more difficult for them to make the appliances work. You can help them operate appliances by replacing your current ones with easier controls and simple interfaces. You can also switch to a wall oven so the elders will have access to it. Also, check out your television and other appliances. Check if the appliances are broken. If so, then hire a reliable appliance repair contractor in Salt Lake City as soon as possible.

Consider Building a Guest House

For those whose house has no longer space to accommodate another occupant, it may be a good idea to have a guest house that they can live in. It doesn’t need to be big since they’ll only need a room and bathroom of their own; they’re welcome to use the rest of the facilities in the main house.

Just make sure that the structure has enough supplies and facilities that it will still feel like a part of the house. It should also not be located too far from the main house. If you no longer have space in your home and you want your elders to have their own room, guest homes are a good alternative.

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Do Safety Adjustments in the Bathrooms

Comfort rooms and bathrooms are among the most dangerous parts of the house for senior citizens as this is where they are prone to slippery floors. Install grab bars so that the elders will have something to hold on to when moving around the room. Replacing bathtubs you need to climb into with a walk-in bathtub may also provide less risk for the elderly. Make sure your bathrooms aren’t cluttered so they have enough space to maneuver from one point to another.

Use Non-slide Floor Materials

The floor in other parts of the home may not be prone to wet floors, but the material may cause accidental slipping anyway. You do not want your elder members of the family to slip on tiles or wood when they walk. If possible, you should have non-slide and non-slip materials on your floor as it is your best bet in helping them avoid accidents.

There are many materials that you can use for this so you do not have to worry about little choices for you. Popular flooring materials such as cork, bamboo, non-slip vinyl, and carpets are some examples of floor material that prevent people from slipping.

If you want your home to be safe for your older family members, you have to invest in home adjustments. This will ensure your house and the amenities you and your younger family members enjoy may also be accessible for your older loved ones.

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