Keep the Heat Going: Common Boiler Problems

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Keep the Heat Going: Common Boiler Problems

One of the essential pieces of equipment that make your home comfortable is the boiler. That is why knowing the common boiler problems and the ways you can deal with them is important. Though there are issues that can be dealt with on your own, it is always best to call a professional to help with repairing the boiler.

Fortunately, expert boiler repair in Salt Lake City is easily accessible.

If any of the following problems pop up, it is best to leave it to the pros.

Boiler Not Working

The most basic yet most troubling boiler problem is that the boiler does not work at all. A boiler that doesn’t fire up is technically a hunk of metal in your basement. The first thing you should do is confirm that the problem is actually with the boiler. Depending on how old your boiler is, you can find out the boiler is not working by checking its digital screen or thermostat. Most people notice that the boiler is not working when the hot water is not coming in.

When the boiler fails, you need to check whether the source of the problem is with the boiler itself or not. Gas-powered boilers need a steady stream of gas, so check your gas supply if you are getting any. Modern electrical or combination boilers need electricity, so checking the switches is a must.

Additionally, the problem may stem from the pressure. Normal boiler pressure should never be one or below. If that is the problem, pull out the boiler manual to do some troubleshooting on how to reset the pressure. After that, calling in outside help would be advisable since the problem most likely is deep inside your boiler.

Noisy Boiler

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When a boiler is working well, it hums along at a low volume. A noisy boiler is often a sign that there is something wrong inside. There are two particular noises to be aware of.

When a boiler is whistling like a kettle, it means air is being trapped inside the pipes or the boiler itself. This can be a problem since it restricts the flow of water in your boiler, making it less efficient. When your boiler is gurgling, it means the water flow is being interrupted in some way. This could mean a frozen pipe or something similar.  Calling a professional should make the issue go away in no time.

Leaks and Drips

Your boiler handles a lot of water in its operation and leaks are not a good sign. There are a variety of reasons your boiler may start leaking. For example, broken valves or pipes can be the root cause if the problem. In any case, if you notice the area around your boiler being frequently wet, you need to hire an expert to identify the source of the leak and to repair it.

While it is possible to do some minor repairs and troubleshooting on your boiler, it is best to leave most of your boiler issues to the hands of professionals. With their help, you can ensure that your home will remain comfortable.

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