Lifestyle Trends for the Modern Man

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Lifestyle Trends for the Modern Man

Defining a human being is a tough thing to do. Whoever thought it was only women who were complex emotional beings probably lived thousands of years ago. Men are also complicated and hard to decipher.

Many things influence the post-20th-century man. So are his decisions and choices in life.

Keeping that in mind, let us look at four lifestyle male trends.

Fashion with a Conscience

The modern man wants to look good in the clothes and shoes he wears. But he also wants to feel good about the choices he is making. An example of this is the rising popularity of environmentally-friendly and ethical clothing. A man looking professional and stylish shouldn’t come at the expense of endangered species found in natural ecosystems worldwide or others’ livelihood.

Even though most clothing items we buy are still made in factories in developing countries, gone are the days in which people, some as young as 10 or 12, had to work for 15 straight hours in a sweatshop.

We live in a new era, one where responsibility and social consciousness are at the heart of human behavior. As such, many men understand that if you have to kill an Indian crocodile or force a kid into child labor, a pair of leather boat shoes or a suede athletic jacket is not worth buying.

Healthy and Cool

One of the most iconic movie images of the mid-fifties is James Dean smoking a cigarette in “Rebel Without a Cause.” At the time, it symbolized the definition of being sexy and cool. In life, Dean was the epitome of the bad boy, a man with no boundaries or reservations, one few women could resist.

Almost a quarter into the 21st century, things have changed. Technology and medical science advancements have taught us that smoking is definitely not cool, especially from a physical standpoint. Aside from unwanted tooth stains and bad bread, engaging in a tobacco habit is one of the leading causes of death in many countries worldwide.

As a result, the perception of coolness is now different. The dashing male is not he who slowly kills himself with alcohol and cigarettes. Instead, it is the healthy guy, the one who takes care of his body and chooses the right options as it pertains to his well-being and nutrition.

The Family Man

When it comes to relationships, traditional values are back into the foray. The man of today is a good father, a loyal husband, and a hardworking employee. Of course, most men still like to have fun and enjoy going out for a few drinks with their buddies. But the idea of the womanizing male always on the hunt is beginning to be less prominent and become less and less important.

Even men themselves value other guys based on how committed and successful they are in marriage, the education of their children, and work accomplishments. A single man with a harem of girls on the side is no longer a matter of envy for his peers.

This trend is also seen in male to male relationships. Gay couples are much more likely to get married and adopt a child than ever before. The idea of belonging to a unified, committed, responsible household defines a man just as much as anything else.

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Tough Sensitivity

Have you ever seen your father cry while watching a movie or admiring the beauty of a setting sun? What about your grandfather? Has he ever expressed himself based on pure emotion rather than authority?

The man of yesteryear was taught to be tough. Perhaps it was because of the two global wars the planet had to go through. Maybe it was due to economic depression or political stability. Other reasons could be high unemployment rates, gender differences, and a lower quality of life in the countryside.

Today, toughness is not synonymous with masculinity. Or at least not the only component we can find in it. A heavyweight champion boxer or a black belt in Kung Fu can still show a softer side and express sadness and disappointment. A man crying with joy or from despair is no longer a target for mockery.

Being sensitive is not the same as being weak. Quite frankly, it is the opposite. It is being able to accept what you are feeling, express it, and deal with it head-on.

Currently, we are seeing four clear lifestyle trends in men. They are consciousness in fashion, being healthy, having a family, and getting in touch with your own emotions. They continue to play a major role in the way most males think, act and express themselves.

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