How to Make Your Airbnb Property Attractive to Tenants

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How to Make Your Airbnb Property Attractive to Tenants

  • Provide professional interior and exterior photos to give your property a competitive edge.
  • Invest in beautification upgrades such as new paint, flooring, fixtures, and furniture.
  • Keep your Airbnb fully equipped with soap, toilet paper, and extra towels.
  • Keep your Airbnb sparkling clean.
  • Upgrade the decor of your Airbnb to keep up with emerging trends.

The rise of Airbnb has increased the demand for exceptional short-term rentals. In 2020, the Airbnb industry saw more than 1.7 million hosts and a surge in rental properties worldwide. In addition to that, it is expected that the industry will continue to grow exponentially.

As the platform grows, ensuring your Airbnb property stands out is essential. You must ensure potential tenants are impressed with your parcel to secure bookings. This article provides simple and practical tips to make your Airbnb property attractive to tenants.

Provide professional interior and exterior photos

First impressions matter, and that’s why your Airbnb property must have impressive interior and exterior photos that highlight your rental’s charm, quality, and comfort. Professional photos are worth investing in as they ultimately aid in tenant attraction. Hire a photographer to take professional shots of your Airbnb property that showcase the property’s best features.

Invest in Beautification Upgrades

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Beautifying your Airbnb rental can make a world of difference. Invest in new paint, flooring, fixtures, and furniture upgrades. These upgrades will make your property stand out and give tenants the best experience.

However, if you want to give your property a little bit more of an edge, consider installing stylish pyramid skylights. These are a great way to brighten up the property and provide a unique aesthetic that will surely leave tenants in awe. They can watch the stars from the comfort of their own bed!

Keep your Airbnb fully equipped

Your Airbnb has to be a home away from home. To attract tenants, the more equipped the property, the better. Ensure that different amenities such as soap, toilet paper, and extra towels are carefully placed around the property, waiting for guests to use. Providing guests with a fully furnished and equipped Airbnb will make their stay memorable.

Keep your Airbnb sparkling clean

There’s nothing more important than cleanliness in a short-term rental. Your property should be spotless to ensure that tenants are impressed. When accepting a booking, be sure to set aside time to clean and sanitize all areas that will be made available to tenants. Provide cleaning materials such as towels, detergents, and a vacuum cleaner. A clean Airbnb leaves a lasting impression.

Upgrade the decor of your Airbnb

To stay ahead of the competition, it’s essential to keep your finger on the pulse of the latest home décor trends. Regularly add new touches to your Airbnb property, such as accessories, artwork, and furniture. Keep up with emerging trends to make your Airbnb stand out.

Provide extra activities

Aside from providing a clean and comfortable space, why not offer extra activities that guests can enjoy during their downtime? Offering additional activities will not only add value to your property but will also give your guests a memorable experience that they will surely appreciate.

1. Movie nights or game nights

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One way to create a fun and relaxing atmosphere for your guests is to provide movie or game nights. You can offer a selection of movies or board games that your guests can enjoy together in the common area of your property. Creating a cozy and comfortable space with pillows, blankets, and snacks will improve the experience.

2. Cooking classes or food tasting

Offering cooking classes or food-tasting sessions is another great way to add value to your Airbnb property. You can teach the guests local recipes or bring in a professional chef to share their expertise. Another option is to offer food-tasting sessions where guests can sample different types of local cuisine.

3. Guided tours or activities

Providing guided tours or activities is also a great way to enhance guests’ experience. You can arrange for local guides to take your guests to explore nearby attractions or organize activities such as hiking, biking, or kayaking. This will allow your guests to immerse themselves in the local culture and nature fully.

4. Wellness activities

Many travelers seek ways to stay healthy and active even while on vacation. Providing wellness activities such as yoga classes or meditation sessions can uniquely offer something different. You can also provide massage services for relaxation or organize outdoor fitness activities.

Final thoughts

Making your Airbnb more attractive to tenants doesn’t have to be daunting. Consistent quality could be the difference between securing a booking and not. Implement the above tips for a simple yet effective way to increase tenant attraction. Remember, attention to detail is critical in keeping your Airbnb a well-loved rental property.

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