Marketing Strategies for Growing Your Automotive Business


Marketing Strategies for Growing Your Automotive Business

By August 2019, the auto parts stores industry in America already generated a revenue of $58 billion. Whether your primary focus is sales or installation services, the economic outlook for the sector is generally positive, with a projected growth rate of just below 1%. The number of businesses is also on an upward trend, with nearly 63,500 across the country.

Even with these robust numbers, whether your company is selling and installing ATV and UTV parts or providing aftermarket chrome trims for cars, you want to maintain a consistent sales performance and be ahead of the competition. You can achieve this is by employing a strong automotive marketing strategy.

Here are a few pointers you should consider to sustain your company’s growth:

An Overview of Marketing

For sales representatives to be effective and bring in the wins, they must rely on a healthy pipeline of qualified leads to work on. That’s where marketing comes in. Before that sales funnel gets filled with leads, it is the job of the marketing team to cast that wider net and spread the news about your brand and products.

Marketing campaigns can be a broad and general information activity like a massive billboard about a product, or it can be something that’s targeting a specific audience. These days, both offline and online strategies are used by companies. The medium used can be a video, photograph, or narrative.

Strategies for Automotive Business

Automotive garage

Google “Not in this weather,” and you will find one of the more exciting advertising campaigns by an automotive brand. Perhaps your company might not have the luxury to shoot a marketing campaign at this level, but there are various ways to get your message across and build your pipeline. Here are a few things you can consider for your automotive business:

  1. Email campaigns. Make sure that you have a system in place for you to collect at least the names and email addresses of customers that visit your shop. Some businesses integrate this data collection by offering raffle tickets where customers fill in a form, and they can win small items from your shop or a gallon of gas if you’re creative enough to tie up with other vendors. Once you have the information, you can establish targeted email campaigns based on your audience or their product preferences. Send a meaningful newsletter providing updates about your services and your latest promotions.
  2. Share knowledge. YouTube is now one of the most popular and useful marketing tools for automotive-related businesses. You can film a short installation instruction, for example, to inform people how to use your product, which in turn can drive traffic to your website. Shooting and uploading a video will not cost much. To create greater exposure for your post, you can do it as an advertiser. Forbes claims that people watch videos online mostly to learn.
  3. Refer a friend. Your existing customers are a valuable marketing resource. Create a referral program for them, where they can earn perks like discounts on specific items or free installation on the next visit. Similarly, if a new customer is a result of that referral program, offer them something as well.
  4. All about the stars. Customer testimonials are a powerful way to convince potential customers to buy your product. Publish your customer’s positive star rating on your website or your newsletter.

There are more offline and online strategies. Some automotive stores offer a Facebook contest. Get going now and follow these suggestions.

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