Maximizing Your Extra Space With These Useful Ideas


Maximizing Your Extra Space With These Useful Ideas

Extra space like a garden room, also known as a sunroom (or, if you want to be fancy, a solarium), is what they sound like: rooms that are built in the garden. From there, one can surmise how many ways they can turn this space into something unique and beautiful.

Here are some garden room ideas for you to turn your extra space into something special.

A Relaxing Home Office

With the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 forcing companies to rethink how to do their business, it’s forced many employees to start working from home. Sure, a lovely table in your living room could serve as your home office, but why not convert your garden room into a fully-functioning business center but without the dreariness of an office? Decorate your home office with your favorite plants and oak wood paneling, all while enjoying the beautiful view of your garden flowers in bloom. Don’t forget to hang up those motivational cat or dog posters as well!

A Private Spa

Imagine not having to shell out hundreds of dollars for an exclusive spa day at your favorite spa outside the city. Especially now with shelter-in-place and other quarantine protocols, your next relaxing day at the spa might be years away. But if you have an extra area like a garden room, that shouldn’t be a problem. Turn your garden room into your very own private spa by adding blackout curtains, incense, oil burners, a massage table, and a few Enya CDs. Heck, you can even go all out and install a sauna or steam room to complete the whole spa feel. Just make sure your spouse is good at massages, too!

FamilyA Starter Home for the Kids

Listen, the millennials and the Gen Z kids have it worse. The housing crisis of 2008 and the pandemic of 2020 have left the economy in such a state that a one-bedroom apartment in a shady part of town now costs the same amount of money the Boomers and the Gen X-ers spent buying their first McMansion. So do your kids a favor and convert your garden room into a starter home. Have them customize it as much as they want, and by the time they can afford their own place, you can look into renting it out to trusted tenants. It’s a win-win situation for everyone, especially since you’ve practically created a new revenue stream for yourself.

Speaking of revenue streams, here’s another idea:

Turn It into a Private Kitchen or Bar

This idea is great for all the D.I.Y food and drinks enthusiasts out there who like to brew their own beers, bake their own bread, grind their own coffee, smoke their own meats, etc. Sure, you’ll probably have to go to your local homeowners’ association or community council and ask about permits and whatnot. But turning your garden room into a private kitchen, bar, bakery, or deli for the neighborhood is an excellent way to make a bit of money on the side while winning the hearts and minds of your neighbors by offering yummy food and drinks.

With these ideas in mind, you can turn an additional space to something that can be useful and efficient for you and your family. Make sure that whatever you decide will fit your lifestyle and budget.

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