Finding the Perfect Pair of Wedding Shoes for the Groom


Finding the Perfect Pair of Wedding Shoes for the Groom

Your wedding is one of the most memorably days of your life. Yes, it’s not about the food, venue, dress, suit, rings, and shoes. It’s about who you will spend the rest of your life with. It’s not even about how you look, but how you feel about marrying the love of your life. And even in the 21st century, a wedding is more about what the bride wants than what the groom wants. But this is as big of a day for the groom as it is for the bride. There’s no reason why the groom should not make sure he looks nice and comfortable during his wedding day.

When a bride decides on her whole look, the wedding shoes take the status next to the dress. It’s equally important for brides to have the nicest shoes they can afford. Sometimes, regardless of how uncomfortable they are. They bear the pain of the whole day to look great in pictures. But it’s not the same with the groom.

For men, comfort is of primary importance when it comes to choosing the right pair of shoes. Unlike wedding dresses, their suits and pants won’t fall to the floor and cover their shoes. They need to look presentable, and they have to fit perfectly. So, how can men go about finding the perfect pair?

Go to the Experts

Expert shoemakers can customize the shoes for you. Forget about buying the branded ones for now. If you like something that truly fits your feet, you need to check out local brands that customize wedding shoes. You can search for them on Google or you can check the booths at Antique Mall. You’ll most likely find local shoe designers who have a unique idea of how to make your wedding shoes different from the rest.

Know the Types of Shoes

What are the types of shoes available for the groom? If it’s a formal wedding and you’re dressed in black, the traditional fashion sense will tell you to choose a black pair of shoes, too. But if you want to be more avant-garde, you can wear your trusty Air Jordans with your black suit. That’s going to provide a touch of your personality to your whole look.

The most common pair of shoes for the groom is the lace-up shoes. The oxford has a closed shoe lacing system while the derby has an open shoe lacing system. Whether you choose an oxford or derby, the lace-up shoes will wrap up your whole look greatly.

Other types of shoes are the cap-toe lace-up shoes, loafers (for a shabby chic theme), double monk strap shoes, and brogues. As mentioned earlier, you can opt for a pair of sneakers for a laidback look. It all depends on the wedding theme or motif.


Go for Comfort

A good pair of shoes is one built for comfort. Sometimes, regardless of style, men should choose the pair that they are most comfortable in. Just imagine how awkward it would be for you to enjoy your wedding day when your feet are sore. You will be walking in it all day long, so make sure that you can last long in it.

It’s not advisable to buy a pair of shoes online since you won’t be able to fit them. This, of course, varies per situation. If you already know your size in that particular brand and style, then you can purchase a pair from an online store. A good deal might push you to do this.

Break the shoes in a few days before the wedding. If there’s pressure on the sides of the shoes, you can remedy that with socks, plaster, or other techniques. Always keep comfort in mind when choosing a pair of shoes, regardless if it’s for your own wedding or for a casual trip.

Ask the Bride

Let your bride give her opinion about your shoes. She most probably decided on every facet of your wedding, so she knows what will look best on the day itself. You wouldn’t have proposed if you don’t trust her judgment. So, why not ask the love of your life what she thinks about your current shoe choices?

Preparing for a wedding is an overwhelming process. It doesn’t matter if you’re a cool-as-a-cat groom who lets the bride have her way throughout the planning stage. The idea of getting married is pressure-inducing already. Add to that the fact that society expects you to look your best on that day, and it’s no wonder couples are pressured to no end.

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