Prepare for Your Old Age by Conditioning Your Mind and Body


Prepare for Your Old Age by Conditioning Your Mind and Body

However much we try to ignore it, we are all moving toward our golden age. One day, our minds and bodies wouldn’t be as strong as now. Perhaps this is the reason many put too much value on retirement funds. They envision that when the time comes when ; they could no longer work, they would at least have enough money to get senior care they need. Others see it as the time when they could finally go on long vacation.

But preparing for old age is not just a matter of having enough money. Your money means nothing if you can no longer enjoy it because of your weak body. As you grow old, your mind and body deteriorate fast because they are not used as frequently as when you are young.

Here are a few practices you should incorporate into your routines to prepare both your body and mind for your senior life. Biological deterioration cannot be stopped, but they can be delayed, depending on your lifestyle.

Incorporate an exercise routine into your week

While still young, you can do regular runs. Running conditions your heart and helps build muscles to give you more strength in old age. Your joints and muscles will weaken as you grow older, so strengthen them while you’re still young. If you can’t do long runs anymore, do brisk walking, go swimming, and try other aerobic exercises that will put less strain on your body. Regular exercise also improves your metabolism, which deteriorates as you age.

Have a daily yoga routine

Yoga is not just for women. You will be surprised to learn that there are so many male yogis out there. Yoga is not just about sweating it out and burning fat. The core of yoga is the alignment of the mind and the body. This is why many yoga practitioners also do meditation before, during, and after yoga flows. Regular practice strengthens both mind and body, and these routines can even be practiced even when you are old.

Eat healthy food

You don’t want to wait until your doctor forbids you to eat some types of food because of a health condition you have developed. On a very busy day, you might forget to eat. Or if you do eat, your lunch is just from a vending machine or a fast-food restaurant. Fast food does not give your body enough nutrients. Consequently, your body functions that need some specific vitamins and minerals will start to fail. Eat healthy food to maintain your body functions. I f you are careful enough with your food, you will benefit from it in your later years.

Detoxify regularly

The environment we usually work in is polluted. We also take in toxins whenever we consume something unhealthy such as fat, nicotine, and alcohol. We need to flush these out of our systems regularly. Just like cleaning a room, if you keep the dirt in for too long, it can ruin your floor and walls.

old woman doing exerciseLearn how to meditate

A healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body. Similar to how you need to detoxify your body, you also need to learn to let go of toxic thoughts and refresh your mind every day. Meditation unclutters your mind and allows you to focus on the important things for the rest of the day.  Regular meditation will also delay the aging of your brain.

Get enough sleep

This is one of the most important things people in their prime give up for the sake of earning more. But we are designed to rest so that our systems can repair what has been damaged throughout the day. Some say that they can do with just a few hours of sleep because they can do the sleeping when they are laid to rest for good. Unfortunately, this kind of thinking could shorten your lifespan. Without enough sleep, your immune system could be affected. It could also affect your nerves and the rest of your body functions the following day. When you always lack sleep, you expose yourself to health problems.

The crash and burn lifestyle can be appealing while we are still young. Maybe you think that it’s better to die young as long as you get to enjoy everything that life has to offer. You can still experience as much as you want while taking precautions for your mind and body. As long as you do not fall into destructive vices, you can try a bit of the bad—having some of that sinful cake, getting drunk once in a while, and eating that juicy meat. Just know your limits and strengthen yourself.

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