Santa Ana Homeowners Spend $4,070 on Hardwood Refinishing

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Santa Ana Homeowners Spend $4,070 on Hardwood Refinishing

The average rate for refinishing hardwood in Santa Ana costs at least $4,070 for a 300-square-foot floor space. You should expect the actual price to reach up to $4,400 based on some factors.

If you need to strip the surface before refinishing it, the price will cost more than the average rate. Your floor’s condition will significantly determine the cost of refinishing, aside from the quality and number of required coats. Most people choose polyurethane for their hardwood flooring. You can buy water- or oil-based polyurethane finish for $40 per gallon or $25 per gallon, respectively.

Why Refinishing Is Less Expensive

Refinishing costs less than replacing old hardwood floors primarily because of fewer materials and hours of labor. The price to install hardwood in Santa Ana, CA, ranges from $9,500 to almost $12,000. If you don’t like polyurethane finishing for your floors, then sanding or staining the hardwood can be a good alternative.

Hardwood floors can also last for a lifetime if well-maintained, so it seems more economical to refinish it instead of installing a new one. While new hardwood floors can increase your home’s value, don’t expect to recover more than 10% of your initial investment upon reselling the house.

What to Expect

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In case you choose oil-based polyurethane for refinishing, it can take up to four days to complete the job. You can expect a shorter downtime with water-based polyurethane, which usually takes two days, including the drying period. Take note that refinishing won’t be suitable for removing stains or pet scratches. You might need to replace the affected areas.

Once the contractors finish work, they might advise you against walking on the refinished surface for 24 hours. Wait for at least two days before putting furniture back to their original spot on the floor. Don’t put rugs or carpets for at least two weeks to complete the curing period.

How to Maintain Hardwood

Children and pets account for the common causes of damage for hardwood flooring, but it’s still up to the adults to take preventive measures. For instance, tell your kids not to use toys with big wheels on the floor after playing outside. The treads in between the wheels can trap small rocks or debris and eventually scratch the flooring surface. You and your family should make it a habit not to wear shoes inside the house for the same reason.

By not using outdoor shoes at home, it will not only protect your newly refinished floor but also keep it clean. Don’t use a dripping mop to clean it as well. Some types of vacuums can also damage the surface. A broom with soft bristles will be the simplest way to clean hardwood without worrying about damage.

Ask a professional home remodeler before choosing the right type of refinishing for your hardwood flooring. You should hire a contractor for the job to avoid costly mistakes whether you decide to refinish or replace it, especially when you have plans to sell the house in the future.

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