Saving Your Mental Health with Some Self-pampering

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Saving Your Mental Health with Some Self-pampering

Women are more conscious of their looks than men. However, that doesn’t mean that men will skip an appointment with the barber. At least a majority of men understand the importance of being well-groomed and know that a trip to a salon or barber will not only improve their social life but will also save their lives! Yes, there are mental health benefits when you see a hairstylist and massage therapist.

Improved Wellbeing

Mental health is usually influenced by several psychological, biological, environmental, and social factors that interrelate in complex ways. Factors such as a positive sense of belonging, social support, and community connectedness normally improve wellbeing. For many people, their hair is not only their crowning glory, but a symbol of their self-esteem. So it’s no surprise that many men often lose confidence once they start losing their hair.

So the person who gives anyone a boost through their hair is one person who could immediately win their trust. In most cases, a regular visit to your barber or stylist creates a trust factor. You probably have your favorite barber and would not allow any other person to touch your hair. This favor is not just based on the barber’s ability to make better cuts but also the personal connection and comfort, knowing that they will give you that self-esteem boost that you need.


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The concept of self-love should not always conjure images of cheesy self-help books or tree-hugging hippies. There is more. Psychological studies show that self-compassion and self-love are important to mental health and wellbeing. On the contrary, perfectionists may be at a higher risk of several physical and mental illnesses like depression. A salon or barbershop visit will leave you feeling beautiful and clean. This fosters self-love. The open forums that are the norm of salons and barbershops discuss personal matters. As a client, you will get to realize that those problems you thought were too big to handle, someone else is in a worse situation, and he is doing just fine.

Self Confidence

Low self-esteem triggers other mental health conditions like depression and anxiety. Normally, low self-esteem develops faster if you are susceptible to social stigma. This perpetuates the feeling that you have already failed before you even try. If a hair makeover can make you love yourself, then it can give you the confidence to face the things that intimidate you in life.

Mental health therapists will normally tell you to surround yourself with positive friends and family who see the uniqueness in your shortcomings. In the same way, a good spa salon strives to make the client feel relaxed, and that’s what most people need to boost their self-esteem. Some of the best spas strive to offer the same thing and offer relaxation and pampering treatments to make people feel special. They offer manicures, pedicures, massages and even provide haircuts for men and women, with facials and a shave thrown in.

So when you visit a barber or a salon for some pampering, remember it’s a way to improve your self-esteem and mental health, which in these trying times could mean saving your life in the long run. They may not be doctors, but a good hairstylist, a masseuse and even a skilled pedicurist with whom you have a strong relationship can be a good way to maintain your sanity.

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