A Five-Step Guide to Setting Up a Health-Friendly Bachelor’s Pad

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A Five-Step Guide to Setting Up a Health-Friendly Bachelor’s Pad

Bachelor’s pads have a reputation for being cool and modern living spaces for single men. But they are not only a way to live or upgrade a lifestyle. These spaces can also help promote healthier living. In fact, many people invest in these spaces to experience more independence and adventure in their lives. If this sounds like you, then a healthy and contemporary bachelor’s pad is for you.

Owning a bachelor’s pad can also be financially healthy for you. Compared to an average house, these spaces are more affordable, from the purchase price to the maintenance costs. It gives you a living space that allows you to afford the lifestyle you choose. Let’s look into some ways you can transform your pad into a healthy living space.

1. Add some purifying plants

House plants cannot only make a bachelor’s pad look more alive, but they can also help clean indoor air. Tons of purifying plants out there can improve your space’s indoor air quality. Some of these are Peace Lilies, Aloe Vera, Devil’s Ivy, Chrysanthemums, Dwarf Date Palm, Boston Fern, and many more. By releasing oxygen and absorbing CO2, such plants can filter the air and eliminate the toxins.

Polluted indoor air can lead to different health concerns such as itchy eyes, nausea, headaches, and loss of focus. Other beneficial effects of such indoor plants include reduction of sound and stress levels, increased positive feelings, improved productivity and concentration, and optimal humidity levels.

2. Embrace cleaning

Who says men cannot be amazing house cleaners? Unless you can pay for a regular cleaning service, decluttering and reorganizing your bachelor’s pad should be part of your single lifestyle. This can ensure your living space is free from distractions that can make you feel stressed out and harder to focus on. At the same time, regular sweeping off of your place saves you lots of time and energy in searching for lost items whenever you need them.

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Get rid of the trash that invites pests or things that collect dust regularly. If you have a pantry, purge it and resupply on healthy spaces and check your perishables’ dates. Carpets should also be deep cleaned regularly to eliminate trapped airborne pollutants, stains, and soils. This is also an excellent way to prevent the buildup of bacteria and allergens, making your bachelor’s pad a healthier place to chill.

3. Take off those shoes

Wearing shoes in the house may not seem like a big deal at first. However, this icky habit can invite harmful outside toxins into your bachelor’s pad. Walking through public spaces can make your shoes collect herbicides, chemicals, environmental toxins, and bacteria. This can get worse if you have carpeting in your place that can collect such microscopic hazards. Ingesting such chemicals and toxins can take a toll on your overall wellness. Use indoor slippers inside the house and place a mat and shoe rack just right beside your front door.

4. Use chemical-free indoor traps

One of the biggest problems for many homeowners is mosquitoes. These blood-sucking insects can spread various diseases such as malaria, dengue, yellow fever, and different viruses. Using indoor mosquito traps is an effective way to keep them out of your bachelor’s pad. Look for shops that sell eco-friendly mosquito traps to ensure there won’t be harmful chemicals released into your house and to the environment as well. Most of these indoor traps are designed to be discreet, so you won’t have to worry about bringing unpleasant attention into your bachelor’s pad.

Other ways to effectively stop the mosquitoes from invading your space include using bug zappers, installing door strips, fixing gaps in your screens, using lemons with cloves, and having mosquito repellent plants.

5. Incorporate responsibly sourced wood

Filling your space with natural materials cannot only add aesthetics but also wellness benefits. Wood, for instance, can create a sense of relaxation, comfort, and warmth. And obviously, it’s an excellent way to incorporate nature into your living space. Natural materials are best used for workspaces as they can help boost concentration, productivity, and satisfaction. They are also known to reduce stress levels and offer humidity moderation for better air quality. Buy furniture or items made from responsibly sourced wood to ensure you’re not contributing to acts harming the environment too.

These are just a few ways on how to create a healthy bachelor’s pad, but don’t hesitate to still make it your own. Add things that you enjoy and love. Nonetheless, the tips here can make it easier for you to design a practical bachelor’s pad that’s ideal for living a healthier and more independent lifestyle.

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