To Do or Not to Do It Yourself: How You Can Decide

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To Do or Not to Do It Yourself: How You Can Decide

DIY has exploded in popularity in recent times. But with all the fun and fulfillment DIY can bring, there’s also the realistic side of it: DIY isn’t for everyone. Mistakes can be costly, an element of danger involved, and a skill barrier that needs to be overcome. But should you DIY your next project or hire a pro? Below are some thoughts to get you thinking about it.

Do You Have the Time, or Are You Willing to Make Time?

When thinking about renovations and repairs, one of the first things we think about is whether we have the time to work on it or not. As is often the case, many of us keep a nine-to-five job or sometimes even more, so it’s pretty hard to squeeze in the time to do work around the house. If you’re quite the handyman, and if your family relies on your skills to make things work, you know you’ll have to find a way to fit housework into your schedule.

This goes the same regardless of if you are doing the work yourself or if you are to supervise others. The bottom line is, if you cannot make the time for it, then it’s better to put it off at a later time, get a quick fix at your local hardware store, and call it a day -at least for now. Knowing that you don’t have the time for housework just yet, you can at least plan it better and set a future date for when you can get more free time, like on a short holiday break.

Can You  Do It, or Will You Learn as You Go?

DIY projects are fun and all, but you should always consider your skill level before getting into it. Ask yourself if you are familiar enough with what you intend to do or if you can handle the learning curve it takes to finish your DIY project successfully.

Also, even if it seems easy enough, you still want to consider getting advice from someone who has some experience so that you know what to look out for. Maintaining your swimming pool, for example, can be pretty easy if you already have the know-how. Now that summer’s almost here, and the family is looking forward to spending more time by the pool, you’ll want to get it up and ready. Cleaning your pool, maintaining its pH balance, and making sure it’s clear can be quite a chore if you’re not very familiar with pool maintenance.

But if you already know how to do it, not only will you be saving some bucks, but you’ll also be able to find better alternatives for the harsh chemicals that are needed for your pool. Especially if you want something safer for your family, you can get a muriatic acid substitute for it and do the maintenance yourself.

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Is It Something You Can Afford, or Is Buying from the Store Cheaper?

A lot of people have a false notion that DIY is always cheaper. But the truth is, sometimes it really isn’t. There are instances when the materials you’re going to need for DIY can be more costly when accumulated. This is especially true if it’s your first time doing DIY, and you don’t even have the power tools needed, like a trusty drill machine or an impact driver.

While you can easily get one of those, you’ll still need materials for whatever it is you mean to make or repair. If you’re planning to build a storage rack, for example, you will need a good amount of hardware and other materials to get started. What’s good about it is you can practically customize it to your liking. You can control its size, what material you’re going to use (wood or others), and where you’d want to put it. If you decide on a pre-built rack at the store, it won’t take much of your time and money, but it might not give you the satisfaction you’re looking for either.

How Are Your Stress Management Skills?

Let’s be realistic. If you’re not particularly skilled with your hands, don’t have comprehensive experience when it comes to DIY, or if it’s your first time: you will fail. A lot, as a matter of fact.

That’s why having good stress management skills is also crucial. You will be frustrated, and you will be disappointed. The last thing you want is to feel horrendously bad because you failed in your DIY project. It might sour you on other projects in the future, as well. Knowing how to manage your stress, knowing when to take a step back and breathe is crucial when doing DIY projects.

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