Six Science-backed Methods to Reduce Appetite

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Six Science-backed Methods to Reduce Appetite

How does one lose weight? There are so many answers to this question that it can be hard to pinpoint where to focus your energies and efforts. The formula to losing weight is straightforward, though difficult to follow: you must consume fewer calories every day or, at the very least, consume just enough calories that your body needs.

But to do that, so many people turn to fad diet programs that lead to weight gain more than weight loss. Why is that? Many of these weight loss programs are intended to cut down on the calories that you take in every day, aren’t they? But if these are not properly designed for your body measurement index (BMI), which means you might be consuming fewer calories than your body needs, then it’s simply appetite suppression. Not only are you going to feel lethargic, but you will also start to feel hunger pains that will lead to an increase in appetite.

Eat Enough Protein

When you eat more protein, you will feel fuller. This will help you lose fat because you will not eat carbohydrates, fats, and sugar. Also, a high protein diet will help you keep the muscles you might lose when you start reducing your daily calorie intake. A study showed that eating eggs for breakfast instead of bagels can make you lose 65% more weight and 16% more body fat in eight weeks.

If you are having a hard time preparing good sources of protein such as chicken, pork, and meat, you can go for protein powder to help you lose weight. These protein powder products are turned into shakes or mixed in with your traditional drinks to include more protein in your diet. Some people even take them as a substitute for their meals.

Choose Fiber-rich Food

Food rich in fiber, such as chickpeas, beans, lentils, and beans, will increase the feeling of fullness by 31%. This means that you’re not going to feel hungry enough to take in more calories every day. A decrease of 10% from your daily calorie intake can lead to a loss of around 4.2 pounds in four months. Fiber has no negative effects on the body. It is even rich in antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and plant compounds.

Opt for More Solids Than Liquids

People have a misconception that they should drink more liquids to feel full. They drink so much water that they only eat a couple of spoons of their food. However, those who eat solids feel less hungry an hour or two later. They have a lower desire to eat and binge on snacks as opposed to those who drink more liquids. Solid food also requires more chewing, sending the signal to the brain that the body is full.

Drink Coffee

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Do you know that drinking coffee does not only provide the antioxidants that the body needs, but it also reduces hunger? Coffee increases the release of a hormone called peptide YY, which promotes the feeling of fullness. When you drink coffee in the morning, you can last longer without a snack until lunchtime. Studies show that a body will need at least three hours to feel hungry again after drinking coffee. Decaffeinated coffee is even better because it stays more in the system.

Practice Mindfulness

People tend to eat more because they are not mindful of how they feel. When you feel full already, then that’s a signal to stop eating. However, people tend to be distracted when they eat. They talk with others, so they don’t realize that their bodies are telling them to stop already. Be mindful when you eat. Focus on the meal before you. This helps you know when it is time to stop eating.

Crave for Dark Chocolate

Here’s a treat for people who love to eat chocolates. You can eat it as long as it’s the dark variant. Dark chocolate decreases appetite because of its bitterness. The more that bitterness lingers in your taste buds, the less likely it is that you’re going to crave sweets, carbohydrates, and others. Some studies even showed that smelling dark chocolate alone will help decrease your appetite because it suppresses the hunger hormones.

Sure enough, it isn’t easy to curb one’s appetite. There are days when you simply want to eat a box of pizza or a pint of ice cream. But on most days, you should work on consuming only what your body needs. A balanced diet is the focus of every person who wants to lose weight. Remember that there is no shortcut to losing weight. There is only discipline and commitment to making the right decisions every mealtime.

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