Healthy Skin Care Habits That Guys Can Consider Adopting

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Healthy Skin Care Habits That Guys Can Consider Adopting

Most people think that skincare is only for women; what’s universally understood is that men do not bother with their appearance, especially the state of their skin. But just like women, men should also mind their appearance. It is a natural thing for human beings, after all. There is no shame in taking care of your skin because skin that’s youthful and healthy-looking is very telling of how much you value your well-being. So if you’re ready to start your journey, below are skincare tips suitable for masculine lifestyles.

Get Your Sleep

A universal need, sleep affects every aspect of the body — it repairs your systems during your shut-eye and gives you the energy you need to conquer another day. When it comes to the skin, sleep is when your body gets to work to retain moisture and restore damages, so you can wake up looking refreshed.

Eat Healthily

Like how you notice that you get a surge of power whenever you drink energy beverages, vitamin and mineral-enriched food affect your skin, antioxidants found in carrots and berries help flush out free radicals and restore damage caused by oxidation. For a healthy glow, you also need to feast on vitamin C, D, E, and K so you can naturally start looking youthful from the inside.

Drink Lots of Water

Similar to food, water is another thing your body needs, given that humans are made up of sixty percent water, making it only natural that when you flush out fluids, you need to replace them. Water removes toxins from the body and improves circulation to provide your cells the nutrients it needs.

Get Your Exercise

Besides giving your physique a cosmetic upgrade, exercise is a natural way to maintain healthy and glowing skin. When you engage in physical exercises, your heart rate increases, getting more blood to your body and enhancing blood circulation, which is the very thing you need for essential nutrients and oxygen to reach your cells. In addition, working out promotes collagen production, helping you maintain supple skin while letting you shine naturally.

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Know Your Skin Type

Knowing your skin type is the key to choosing the best products for your skin. Figuring out the kind of skin you have will aid you in helping select topical creams and serums and let you know which food and drinks to avoid to prevent breakouts. Understanding your skin type requires research and giving different products a try. Since some products may cause breakouts and rashes, you must first do a skin test before directly applying them to your face.

Expand Your Product Choice

When you know your skin type, you’ll know that some components in most skin products aren’t good for your skin, so to find the best care for you, you shouldn’t limit yourself only to masculine labelled products. If the ingredients your skin needs are present in feminine skincare lines, then do yourself a favour by adhering to your skin’s needs with no reserve. By expanding your product choice, you create a routine that’s best for you.

Repair Your Skin

After a whole day of stress, doing sports, or being exposed to heat and highly polluted environments, your skin can suffer irreversible damage when not treated right away. To prevent damage brought by stress and other environmental factors, you can soothe your skin using balms, face masks, and serums.

Fight Wrinkles Early

Premature ageing does not discriminate by gender, making it exceedingly vital that you start fighting off wrinkles and fine lines in your youth. You might not notice the effects of creams and sunscreen now, but once you step into your forties, you appreciate the effort you exerted by protecting yourself from harmful UV rays and giving it the balm your skin needs at night. As a way to upgrade your skincare, you can also purchase and drink collagen formulated for men to fight ageing from the inside.

Hydrate Your Skin

Aside from ensuring that you’re drinking enough water, it would be best if you give your skin the hydration it needs by faithfully applying moisturizer. Moisturizers help lock in your skin’s moisture, keeping it supple while preventing dryness and flaking.

Tailor a Routine

Once you know which food to avoid and what products to use, you can proceed with creating a personalised skincare routine. You can include washing your face with a cleanser, shaving, and applying moisturizer and sunscreen, for starters. From then, you can add more and switch out products according to your skin’s condition. You can also treat your skin to a facial massage to enhance its circulation.

Skincare has no gender, and there is nothing wrong with going the extra mile to take care of your skin because when you adopt skin-healthy habits, you can maintain a healthy and youthful appearance for longer.

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