Stranded in a Desert: How to Survive with a Broken Car

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Stranded in a Desert: How to Survive with a Broken Car

If you happen to be stuck in a desert with a broken vehicle, it may take some time before roadside assistance from Kansas City, MO will come to help you. So, it’s important that you do everything in your power to survive while help is on the way. Here are some tips.

Tell someone about your trip

First, make sure that you tell at least one person about your trip, including how long you expect to be gone. Cell phone signals are notoriously weak in the desert. So, it’s important that someone knows where you’re going just in case your car breaks down and you can’t contact anyone. If you’ve been gone too long, that person will know and ask for assistance.

Check your car

Before you go on any road trip, you should always check the condition of your vehicle. Make sure that your oil is new, the tires are well inflated, the gas tank is full, and your engine works properly. The same goes for when you’re about to drive through the desert. Have your engine, tires, and gas tank checked. Don’t risk going without doing any of this because getting stranded there can cost you your life.

Bring enough water

If you frequently travel across states and you occasionally go through the desert, make sure that you always have an ample amount of water in your car. You should also pack something to quench the thirst of your vehicle, which means you should always bring extra coolant to cool down your car’s engine because the desert can be scorching.

Don’t wander off

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The tips above are to prevent your car from breaking down in the desert. But if in case you’ve gone through all the preparations and your car still breaks down, don’t panic. Stay near your car, and try calling for road assistance.

Don’t wander off, especially when it’s the middle of the day because it will be extremely hot outside and you might suffer from heatstroke. Don’t stay inside the car, as well. It’s just as hot as it is outside.

What you should do is find a blanket or anything you could sit on and place it on the ground. Find something to cover your head if you can’t find any shade outside the car. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking a liter of water every hour.

Raise the hood of your car so that someone might notice that you’re having car trouble. If you have an early warning device in your trunk, get it out and set it up on the road to notify people you need help.

If you’re unable to get a signal with your phone, then perhaps you should start walking to the nearest gas station or facility. So, if you recall passing by a gas station before you went into the desert, start walking there.

These are just some of the ways to survive in the desert if your car suddenly gives up on you. You should always maintain your car in perfect condition, and make sure that you have enough water in your car before you head out into the desert.

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