Throwing the Best Bachelor Party: Nifty Pointers for the Planner


Throwing the Best Bachelor Party: Nifty Pointers for the Planner

A groom’s bachelor party is their final chance to frolic as a single man, so you better make it count while it lasts. Don’t be fooled – planning a bachelor’s party might sound simple, but it also requires organization and some strategy so that everyone gets to enjoy the event.

Other than that, feel free to splurge, get hammered with your best buds, and go crazy before the groom gets married. Here’s how you can make a bachelor’s party as memorable as possible:

Fulfill all the groom’s fantasies

The first exciting thing about bachelor’s parties? Renting your ride. Cruise through the city with class by hiring a chauffeur in London. Choose a luxury vehicle that fits your friend group. This way, you won’t have to worry about calling a cab to go places.

Before making plans and gathering the groom’s contacts, identify what he wants to do first. Know when and how long he’s free to attend the party and set everyone’s schedule around that.

Call ahead so that no one flakes

You don’t want guests making lame excuses for opting out, so only choose contacts who have a great social dynamic with everyone else. Keep it tight and don’t bloat the guest list.

This bit is significant. No matter how close your companions are or how early you inform them, plans can change at the last minute. So call your friends a month, a week, and a day before to guarantee everyone’s attendance. This includes the establishments you reserved!

Get wet and wild outdoors


Feel free to stretch the meaning of the word “outdoors,” but strive to keep it within budget. The point is to do something exhilarating outside – go skydiving, drive off-road, play paintball in a forest, or throw a wild party by the beach. Pump up the adrenaline with the best pals and do something you won’t do on any usual weekend.

Finish the party indoors

Ending the outrageous day indoors is the way to go. You shouldn’t expect the energy to stay at its peak the entire day. Everyone needs to rest, so it’s best to set the more intimate activities in the latter half of the day.

But that doesn’t mean you should tone down the fun. Rent out your favorite bar for the night and do a karaoke night or reserve an entire restaurant for a first-class steak dinner. Card games are great activities, too.

Keep his company comfortable

Through all of this, you have to make sure that the groom and his companions are satisfied and comfortable. If part of the plan is to get tipsy, then options should be available for guests who prefer to stay in a hotel room or grab a lift home.

You should also assure the guests that they can reach you should there be an emergency or change of plans.

Done right, and your bachelor’s party will be the shortest weekend you’ll ever experience. But more than the crazy night, a great bachelor’s party should strengthen the bond between all the best men.

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