Top Four Attractions for Kids in Manila

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Top Four Attractions for Kids in Manila

Manila is famous for its historic landmarks, friendly locals, lively nightlife and the scenic Manila Bay. The capital city of the Philippines is also home to the oldest Chinatown in the world, Binondo, which offers authentic Chinese dishes. Besides the outdoor destinations in Manila, families touring the city with young kids can also visit indoor attractions.

If you are from the province and want to take your family around Manila, look at Sedan rentals that offer a more convenient option than commuting or booking from ride apps. Having a rented vehicle means you can take your time at certain attractions, or stop by for a bite to eat without being inconvenienced by transportation problems.

Be sure to add these places to your itinerary.

Manila Ocean Park

Manila Ocean Park is the first world-class marine-themed park in the country. It is near historical places like Intramuros, Fort Santiago and Rizal Park. Kids can have an enjoyable and educational afternoon here with over 14,000 marine creatures. It is also home to 277 indigenous species.

One of the features of the oceanarium is the 25-meter long, 220-degree curved walkway that allows visitors to have a spectacular view of majestic sea creatures. Other activities you can enjoy are the bird and sea lion shows, penguin exhibit and fish foot spa. The Aquanaut Voyage and World of Creepy Crawlers, meanwhile, allow visitors to be up close and interact with sea animals and reptiles.


Kidzania is a paradise for kids and kids at heart. This interactive theme park allows children to discover, appreciate and learn about different careers and jobs. This place encourages them to be imaginative, innovative, critical thinkers and leaders.

The concept of Kidzania teaches children to explore independently while in a safe and secure environment. The facility features an acting academy, fire station, climbing building, pharmacy, radio station, window washing, vet clinic and many more role-playing activities. Kidzania also has its own economy that will teach kids to be financially responsible.


This educational attraction located at the center of Manila allows children to interact with their favorite cartoon characters from the movies Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, How to Train Your Dragon and Madagascar. One of the main attractions inside the play place is the Dream Theater. The 4D movie experience makes visitors part of the whole storytelling. Kids can also create their own animated movie in the DreamStudio.

Other activities are baking gingerbread, rock climbing and assembling boats to help Madagascar characters get past the river. When kids get tired of these activities, they can head to DreamTales Library where they can read about their favorite DreamWorks stories and watch a fun puppet show.

Star City

Rollercoaster ride with sky at theme park

Star City is a 35,000-acre amusement park located in Pasay City, which is only minutes away from Mall of Asia. This amusement park offers roller coasters, arcade games, horror houses, bump cars and other activities suited for young kids and adults alike.

Among the main attractions here are the Winter FunLand, Dino Island and Lion King World. Visiting the Star Theatre is also a must when in Star City. Visitors are advised to plan their trip ahead to get a free ticket to Star Theatre and watch the locally made plays.

These destinations in Manila offer a fun and safe learning environment for kids. However, going around Manila could be a little difficult with the traffic jam, hot weather and the distance between these places. By opting to rent a car, kids can nap in between travel and you can leave your belongings safely.

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