Turn That Shy Smile Into a Winning One

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Turn That Shy Smile Into a Winning One

Smiling is one of the most effective ways people can communicate their goodwill. Often those who smile wide open and with their teeth showing demonstrates openness and joy that many people find attractive. But how could you smile like that if you feel your teeth are discoloured?

Many people think that stained teeth are unattractive and often denote age or bad habits. People with teeth that are stained or less than white are often considered unattractive. But there are ways you could change your teeth’s appearance.

Effective teeth whitening could only happen when you choose the right products and use them properly. Although we all need that bright smile, not many of us do anything in that direction. There are many reasons why people do not prefer to whiten their teeth. But dentists and dental clinics in Singapore explain that teeth bleaching is only one of many ways that you can whiten teeth and make the entire process convenient and stress-free.

Laser Whitening

Laser bleaching is a great way to whiten your teeth. In this process, a whitening gel is applied to the stained teeth, and then argon rays (blue light) pass the area, which could whiten teeth. This process is controlled from a medical point of view and has been proven to be effective for many. However, the technique can cover multiple sessions (depending on the degree of damage), and the cost of the sessions increases to several hundred dollars.

Bleaching Strips

Teeth bleaching strips are also very popular for teeth whitening. They are easy to use because all you have to do is press these strips onto teeth and let them stand for a few minutes to view the results. The components used in the strips are very effective and also deliver good results. The only problem this poses is that not every person can use it correctly, and even minor mistakes in use can lead to conflicting results.

Home Remedies

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You can also use teeth whitening products at home, but you need to use them wisely and sparingly. The best thing is that they do not contain chemicals and are affordable for many people. Some of the proven teeth whitening products include a mixture of lemon and salt, powdered and dried bay leaves, dried orange peel and strawberries.

Bleaching Trays and Gels

Another variety of teeth whitening products are shells that contain whitening gel. They are considered the most effective because they deliver good results. Pallets are usually tailor-made to fit the cheeks of the user and achieve excellent whitening results. Although this is considered the best, you should choose products that are ADA certified and contain a sufficient concentration of carbamide peroxide. Make sure that they do not contain alcohol or glycerin.

These teeth whitening approaches have varying results depending on the user and frequency of use, but they all give stained and discoloured teeth the brightness of clean teeth. Make sure to choose one that suits your budget and circumstance, and your smile will be more dazzling. Look for a certified dental clinic if you want professional results.

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