Weddings Are for Guys, Too: Preparations to Note

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Weddings Are for Guys, Too: Preparations to Note

When people think of a wedding, the focus instantly turns on the bride. But what about the groom? It’s their day, too.

In this article, the focus is on the groom. Learn about what guys think about weddings and whether they have a dream wedding in their mind, just like girls.

A Man with a Plan

Some men want to be part of the wedding planning, too. In an article posted by The New York Times, for instance, a guy wanted to help his fiance as soon as they got engaged. The article mentions that to help grooms navigate wedding-related topics, visiting sites like can be helpful.

Though it seems that resources for men may be limited when it comes to weddings, many available websites can help on the topic. These websites specifically target men. To help, below is a list of websites that can answer guys’ wedding related-concerns.

  1. Men’s Wearhouse — This website can help a groom in choosing the perfect wedding suit or tuxedo. Its Build A Tux tool is useful for grooms who have a unique style and have a good idea of what they want to wear during the wedding.
  2. The Groom’s list — This website is for grooms who are either detail-oriented or are forgetful. It offers a helpful checklist that contains all important wedding details.
  3. The Man Registry — This website provides wedding planning tips for grooms. It also offers personalized gift ideas for grooms and groomsmen for the perfect wedding day gift.
  4. The Plunge — Quoting itself as the unofficial best man, this site’s content is groom-oriented. Like the Groom’s List, it offers reminders on wedding to-dos.

These are just some websites you can visit if you’re a groom planning to help your bride-to-be plan your wedding. We know these grooms are not a minority. Studies have shown that more and more men are showing a desire to participate in wedding planning. This negates the idea that weddings are just for girls; this concept is dated.

The Dream

couple celebrating a wedding in the mountains

If girls have their dream weddings, guys do, too. Men also have an idea of how they want their wedding to turn out. Let’s take a look at some things men want to have at their wedding.

Booze for everybody

Most men are simple. They can leave the wedding ceremony to the bride, but they want to have a blast during the wedding reception. The most important part of the wedding reception for men is booze.

The dream wedding for guys is one with free-flowing drinks during the reception. They want a wedding celebration made for a king. Of course, a king’s court must have an endless supply of food as well.

Therefore, to make a guy happy, bring in the booze, and he’ll consider himself one lucky guy.

The perfect wedding setting

Just like girls, men have an idea of the location of the momentous occasion. Some guys like to spend it on a beach; some like to spend it in a beautiful garden. Some even have the idea of fixing their wedding venue, DIY style. For a do-it-yourself garden wedding, there are oak gazebo kits you can buy.

For some men, they dream of a wedding that has the best of both worlds—the view of the ocean with the mountains in the background. Some even want to level it up by doing extreme sports.

One guy responded in an interview that he has dreamt of a wedding where he and his wife are on the opposite sides of the mountain. For them to reach one another, they have to paraglide while the sun sets. This idea is not just unique and awesome; it can also be extremely romantic.

Some guys want to keep it playful while entering into a more mature level of commitment. What’s more playful than spending the wedding day at Disneyland? In a wedding like this, two couples can playfully walk around the park and celebrate their joyous moment together in the happiest place on earth.

Other guys, on the other hand, want the simplest wedding possible. For these guys, a courthouse ceremony will do. As for these guys, a simple wedding takes off the pressure for him and his bride. At the same time, they can save on wedding costs; the money they save during the wedding day can be used for his and his wife’s future.

A wedding with her

Most men ready to commit to a lasting relationship will agree that their dream wedding is a wedding with the perfect girl. The best groom wants his bride to be happy on the wedding day. For him, the best wedding day is a stress-free day for her.

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