When Missing Teeth Hold You Back


When Missing Teeth Hold You Back

While having a missing tooth might not wholly disrupt a person’s daily routines, it can negatively affect their quality of life. Some are embarrassed to show their teeth when smiling, while others try to cover their mouth when talking or laughing in public. This can affect other people’s perception of them, as well as hold them back from a healthy social and professional life.

If you have a missing tooth and have the same issues, it is likely that having an incomplete smile can make your self-conscious or lower your self-esteem. If tooth loss has made you feel you are like unable to pursue something or advance in your professional life, dental implants in Townsville are one of the things that can restore the function and appearance of your smile.fbraces

The easiest option

It is easy to understand why traditional dentures are the first one that will come to mind when replacing lost teeth. Apart from being a cost-effective treatment option, traditional dentures are now better-looking and more comfortable than their predecessors. The fitting process is also simple, which only means that you can quickly restore your smile and confidence.

While it is true that the quality of false teeth today has improved nowadays, there are still challenges to wearing them. This is also the reason why conventional dentures are not right for everyone. In most cases, they have to be secured with a denture adhesive to prevent slipping or moving out of place, especially when eating, speaking, or laughing.

The next best thing (to natural teeth)

A woman smiling after receiving a dental implant

Dental implants can be expensive than traditional dentures, but they are made to look and function like the real thing. They are secured with an artificial tooth root that is surgically implanted into the jawbone. This only means that the implants won’t move or shift while eating, smiling, laughing or speaking. The root, furthermore, integrates with your jawbone over time.

Dentures are usually a common choice for those with one or two missing teeth, but they can also be an excellent alternative to conventional dentures if you have lost several teeth. There are implant-supported dentures, which provide base support for replacement teeth. These are better than removable dentures because of their stability.

Do something

Don’t turn a blind eye and convince yourself that it is okay to have a few missing teeth. Ignoring this problem or choosing not to replace what you’ve lost can lead a host of other dental issues. It is likely to for the neighbouring teeth to move into the space and create more gaps in your smile. This can then throw off the alignment of your teeth and increase your risk of plaque accumulation.

When teeth move out of their correct position, you will have to get braces to straighten them. Gaps between teeth can also raise your risk for gum disease because misaligned teeth are harder to clean. This is why replacing any lost tooth matters, not just to give you a winning smile but also to restore your oral health.

Don’t let missing teeth hold you back. Contact a dental implant dentist or centre and find out how these replacement options can improve your quality of life.

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