Which Dance Style Is Right for You?


Which Dance Style Is Right for You?

So, you have watched Dirty Dancing, Step Up, Black Swan, and many other dance movies. No matter the latest dance craze, you are in the know. Now, you want to sign up for a class and put on your dance shoes—question is which dance class? You can probably check out every dance company in Phoenix, Arizona, but wouldn’t it be easier to figure things out now?

Know Your Dance Styles

Before you can make a decision, you will need to know more about the different dance styles. There are dozens to choose from, and it will take you forever to go through them all. Just start with the top five listed below to see if any of them tickles your fancy.


It is a culture rather than a street dance style. Hip-hop was created by economically depressed African Americans in the 1970s in The Bronx, New York. Considered as the world’s most popular dance, hip-hop has a wide range of styles. These include breaking, locking, popping, and krumping as seen on international movie hits like “Honey” and “You Got Served.”

Also renowned as an art movement, hip-hop has evolved to modern styles such as the jazz-funk. Thus, hip-hop is practiced in both indoor and outdoor spaces. People who are outgoing will love hip-hop’s energetic and rhythmic vibe.


Aptly named for using the sounds of tap shoes striking the floor, tap dance is a form of percussion. Broadway tap dancing is mostly performed in a formal musical theater, while rhythm tap dancing is more casual. The latter is also known as jazz tap, and it focuses on musicality. If you are into something quaint and quirky, tap dance is a must try.



A highly choreographed, formal dance style, ballet requires a precise movement. This type of dance originated in the 15th-century Italian Renaissance courts and easily spread through French courts. Mastering ballet is very difficult, so many people start at an early age to learn a range of highly technical French vocabulary.

Renowned for its graceful movements, ballet is among the most famous dance styles in the world. The three main keys to succeed in mastering ballet are self-discipline, focus, and muscular strength.


Researchers suggest that most people who enjoy contemporary dance have great systemizing or empathizing traits. Contemporary dance was popularized in the mid-20th century. This style is an expressive dance, combining the elements of modern jazz, lyrical, and ballet. Through fluid dance movements, contemporary dancers aim to connect their mind and body.


Extroverts with high self-esteem tend to enjoy soulful jazz dancing. Jazz dancers are also smart and creative. Much like ballet, jazz dance requires precise movement and timing. What makes it different from traditional dance styles are the isolation of one body part, grounded movement, offbeat accent, contraction, as well as the sensuality. This style has evolved from street jazz to theater dance since it first emerged in the 20th century.

Find the Right Studio

Now that you already know which dance style to focus on, narrowing down your options of dance schools should be less daunting. Choosing the right dance company is as important as going with the dance style that suits your personality. Many established dance schools claim to be the best. Essentially, go for a dance studio that promotes a healthy competition among students. Have a close look at the environment. Does it have a relaxed atmosphere conducive to learning, or does it feel cluttered and unorganized? The first impression makes a lasting impact!

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