Winter Wellness: Things Parents Can Do to Keep Kids Healthy during Winter


Winter Wellness: Things Parents Can Do to Keep Kids Healthy during Winter

Every parent dreads the flu season. Kids might love the winter for its snow and all the action they can enjoy in the winter wonderland. But parents know better because it is the time of the year when people often catch a cold and the flu. Experts fear the winter colliding with the Covid-19 crisis. Since the symptoms might very well be the same, parents can’t help but worry about the family’s health and wellness, especially the kids.

The good news is that parents can do things to keep their little ones warm and healthy during winter.

Don’t Skip the Flu Vaccine

We are advised to get the flu vaccine once every year before the flu season. But since there is an ongoing pandemic, doctors already encourage people to get their flu shots earlier this year. If you and your kids haven’t got your flu shots yet, then it is time to schedule your next doctor’s appointment.

A flu shot can protect people against the flu. It reduces the likelihood of catching the flu, needing hospitalizations, and flu-related deaths common among children. This can give you peace of mind knowing your kids have some protection against the common flu during winter.

Are you still not convinced about getting your kids their flu shots? According to the CDC, the estimated number of flu illnesses between Oct 1, 2019, and April 4, 2020, is 39 million to 56 million. There are around 410,000-740,000 flu hospitalizations, and the estimated number of people who died is between 24,000 and 62,000.

Dress Them Up in Multiple Layers

Kids, especially the little ones, are less able to regulate frigid temperatures. They are yet to fully develop their ability to shiver, making it harder to check if they don’t feel cold.

When shopping for your kids’ winter wear, choose clothing items that are warm, soft, and comfortable. Think of Liberty clothing, rompers, knitwear, jumpers, cardigan, and the like for their indoor wear. But when it comes to letting them play outdoors with the snow, make sure to bundle them up with enough layers of clothes, accessories, and winter boots.

Know if your children are naturally warmer of colder and feel your kids’ core now and then while you are outside. If their core feels cold to touch, put on another layer. If they feel hot and are starting to sweat, take one layer of.

You should also consider how much your kids will be moving once you take them out for some winter fun. If they are already walking and running, you want them to be able to move easily. If one stays in his stroller or is carried in a carrier, consider adding more layers as needed.

Keep Them Happy, Active, and Safe

Allow kids to play winter activities outside. Just make sure they are all warm and cozy before you head out. You can try blowing bubbles, making snowmen, allow them to go sledding in the backyard, or even shoot some hoops if it is warm enough.

Your kids might want as much winter action as they can, but there will be times when it is best to keep them indoors. This is especially true since the pandemic makes it harder to bring your kids to public places to ski, skate, or go snowshoeing. Keep them happy and entertained by planning indoor activities perfect for their age.

Consider video games that the whole family can play with the kids. The more playmates your little one has, the happier they will be. Find ways to incorporate fun and play indoors to keep them moving.

Bathe Them in Warm Enough Water

bath time

You might love a steamy shower, especially during winter. This helps relax your tired and sore muscles, cleanse your body, and makes it stronger. But this can also cause skin irritation, dryness, and hair fall.

Keep your little one warm by giving them a nice warm bath. Never be tempted to use bathwater that is hotter than lukewarm water. This can hurt your kids and cause them to lose the moisture in their skin. Be sure to pat them dry and dress them up asap after every bath.

Encourage Them to Eat Well and Increase Water Intake

Proper nutrition and enough hydration are critical during winter. Don’t let your little ones indulge in junk food and other unhealthy snacks. What you need to do instead is to serve them up a colorful plate of food complete with the three food groups.

Serve up food items rich in nutrients to build up their immunity. If they can tolerate nuts, give them almonds and pistachio. Consider adding spices, garlic, and ginger to your food as these are all great for consumption during the winter months.

Don’t forget to encourage your children to stay hydrated. They might feel less thirsty during winter, so make sure to remind them to drink more. Aside from water, you can also serve fruit juice, milk, and water-rich fruits.

Parents should be more careful in caring for kids during winter. They can easily catch a cold or even get the flu because they still have a low resistance to infection. Don’t let the flu season ruin you and your kids winter. Keep them warm, hydrated, active, and happy. Give them enough nutritious food and drinks, and don’t skip their flu shot.

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