3 Trusty Skin Care Tips to Get That Dewy, Photogenic Look

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3 Trusty Skin Care Tips to Get That Dewy, Photogenic Look

They say the perfect selfie starts with the perfect skin. But it’s 2020, and according to the rising aesthetics on social media, the perfect skin happens to be the glowy kind. There’s glass skin, honey skin, cloudless skin, and even yoga skin. The hashtags for skin goals are endless.

It’s a major shift in tone in the beauty industry. Of course, the quest for radiant, glowing skin isn’t a new concept. Every woman wanted clear, beautiful skin since the dawn of time, and this is reflected in the ancient beauty secrets and rituals that are still being applied today.

But for decades, the shine had been seen as the enemy. Blotting papers and pressed powders existed for the sole reason of keeping oil at bay. But as the world embraced fitness, athleisure, and the Korean Wave in recent years, the dewy, gleaming look became the reigning standard of skin perfection.

If you want to get that de rigueur glow that is so Instagram-famous, here are a few tips for your skin to become more photogenic.

Start by Prepping Your Skin

Keep in mind that light needs to reflect off your skin for you to achieve a luminous glow on camera. Prep your skin by first washing your face with a deep cleanser. This allows you to properly clean your pores and remove impurities such as makeup and debris. Choose a product that is highly effective but still gentle on your skin.

Next, you need to follow up with an exfoliating treatment. This helps you shed dead skin cells and reveal the fresh, bright skin underneath. Putting on an exfoliating mask for around 10 minutes is a great way to achieve this.

If dark spots are an issue, using safe skin-whitening soap can help you get rid of blemishes. Depending on the ingredients, this type of skincare product can protect your skin from the effects of photoaging. As a result, it can brighten dark spots and even diminish wrinkles and lines. Look for soap that contains Vitamin C and Glutathione, as these antioxidants can enhance the texture of your skin.

Finally, don’t forget to take good care of your lips. Moist, dewy skin emphasizes youth and health, and you don’t want chapped lips to ruin the flawless look. If you find your lips to be dry and flaky, choose a good lip scrub to slough off the dead skin. Once you’re done, apply a soothing balm to smoothen and prime your pout for that gorgeous selfie.

Get Enough Rest


The term beauty sleep sounds cliche, but it’s definitely real. Think of all the times you went a few nights without sleep. It’s likely that the effects showed up on your face the next morning: pimples, dull skin, dark bags under your eyes, and fine lines.

When you lack sleep, your body loses its ability to heal itself. As a result, your skin begins to break down. Sleep deprivation also causes stress, which produces the hormone cortisol. High cortisol levels can trigger a chain of inflammation that can cause everything from breakouts to wrinkles.

If you need help getting enough sleep, it’s important to reduce stressors in your life. Regular exercise can also promote good sleep. Additionally, sipping a drink with organic, sleep-inducing ingredients can make a difference. Better yet, talk to your healthcare provider for sleep solutions that work best for you.

Moisturize Inside and Out

Ask an expert for the most basic beauty secret without mentioning any makeup or skincare product. You may find that the ubiquitous answer is drinking lots of water. That’s because hydration is crucial for healthy glowing skin.

It’s not just enough to just use moisturizers or lotions. Proper hydration isn’t skin-deep. For lasting results, you need to make it a habit to drink the recommended eight glasses of water a day. Eating fruits and vegetables is also helpful in replenishing moisture.

You may also shop for a good facial serum to boost hydration, nourish your skin, and prevent free radical damage. There are many hydrating and illuminating serums available on the market. If you choose a brand that works best for you, it can restore moisture, even the skin tone, and create a smooth, camera-ready texture.

While filters and makeup can do the trick, it’s always a good idea to aim for healthy skin that looks polished. Not only does healthy skin make you feel more attractive and confident; it also protects your body from illnesses.

Remember, the skin is the largest organ in the human body, and it serves as a barrier against microbes. The skin also maintains hydration levels, regulates body temperature, and produces Vitamin D. All of these are important functions that work best when the skin is in good health. Beauty trends come and go, but healthy, vibrant skin remains a constant.

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