Sports Hygiene: How to Stay Healthy and Safe When Doing Sports


Sports Hygiene: How to Stay Healthy and Safe When Doing Sports

No one thinks of sports being unhealthy bu sports can get rough and tumble. Injuries are common, and being out in the outdoors can expose you to various things and other people. This can put you at risk of a variety of diseases and injuries. If you want to stay healthy while participating in sports of any kind, then here are some hygiene basics.

Always Wash Your Hands

One habit that athletes should develop is to wash your hands regularly. The hands are the main point of contact for many sports. This means that there is a good chance that they will come into contact with millions of germs and bacteria. Whether it is because of touching things that other people touched or because you are outside in general, it is a good idea to wash your hands after any sporting or fitness activity.

It would be best if you were thorough in your washing. It is preferable if you use hot water and a good anti-bacterial soap than simple washing alone. This ensures complete cleanliness. Additionally, you should get disposable towels rather than reusable ones. If you have to reuse towels, ensure that only one person uses each towel to limit contamination.

Go For A Full Shower If Possible

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Hand washing is great for minor practice, but after a sweaty session or a full game, you should get a shower and change out of your sweaty clothes. Sweat and bacteria mixing in your sweaty clothes is a breeding ground for disease. Even if you only wear it for an additional few hours, that is still a risk you should not be taking.

After a heavy workout, get rid of your sweaty clothes and have a thorough shower. This should get rid of all the bacteria that you picked up as well as scouring all the dead skin from your body. Just like hand washing, athletes should be using more than simple soaps either. Anti-bacterial soaps are always the best when you want thorough cleaning for your body. They pack in various ingredients that help stop bacterial and fungal presence from taking root on your body. Additionally, you should consider starting your shower with warm water then ending with a 30 to 60-second blast of cold water. Studies show that this can help boost your immune system.

Consider Removing Extra Body Hair

If you have a lot of body hair, then you should consider getting some manscaping or waxing to remove some of that unwanted hair. It may seem like vanity, but hair removal is beneficial for performance and hygiene reasons in different sports. A good example would be in cycling. You may notice that many cyclists have smooth legs and generally smooth skin on their bodies. There are several practical reasons for this. First, if an accident happens, hairless skin is much easier to clean and heal. Additionally, bandages are much easier to place on smooth skin, and there will be no hair to get in the way of recovery.

Other athletes also benefit from having a hairless body. Long-distance runners shave so that their clothes won’t chafe during long-distance runs. You also don’t have to worry about heat retention. A hairless body will be able to get rid of heat faster. Swimmers can also benefit from a smooth body when they are in the water.

Treat Even Minor Injuries Immediately

If you are participating in a rough sport, there is a good chance that you will get hurt. While many injuries are obvious, there will also be scratches and abrasions regularly. You should immediately clean any injury you take and apply plaster or bandages over them. This would be much easier if you have a first aid kit ready. With immediate treatment, you can immediately remove any dirt and bacteria that gets into an open wound or scratch. This lowers the chance of infection and disease from the wound.

Clean Your Gear After Each Use

When you finish your session, you should always clean up your gear. Whether it is a sports outfit for playing football or simple sweats, it is always a good idea to clear out the dirty clothes. Get rid of them and ready them for laundry as soon as possible. This ensures that they don’t smell so bad and you get rid of any bacteria.

Sports can be a healthy pursuit, but you still need to clean up after you sweat things out. Besides ensuring that you stay healthy, it will ensure that people don’t stay away from you because of your smell. Take the time to ensure that you are presentable after your workout and you should be fine.

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