Installing Water Wells in Properties: Does It Increase Real Estate Value?

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Installing Water Wells in Properties: Does It Increase Real Estate Value?

Are you thinking of selling your property? But are you also worried that it’s in a rural area in the middle of nowhere and water is hard to come by? Well, the Phoenicians already saved us from such a catastrophe. They drilled into the ground until they found a source of water. They then built a wall around the excavation to store the water. After filtering the water, they used it for irrigation and even drinking. This is the same principle we use in building a system of municipal and city water pipes.

Still, not many homeowners think of drilling a water well in their properties when this is actually the smartest way to improve a real estate’s value. Potential homeowners love the idea of reduced water bills and free water for gardening and irrigation. When filtered properly, the water can also be used for cooking and other things in the house (though you should be careful about doing this).

Can You Build a Well by Yourself?

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It is not likely that you can build a water well by yourself. You need professionals to excavate, drill, and build the well into the ground. They use powerful tools to find the groundwater source. That’s one of the things you have to look for before hiring a water well contractor. Check if they have an air compressor to power the drilling rig because that will make the construction of the well easier. If they don’t have these tools, it might take them a long time to finish the well.

In the olden days, people used their hands to manually dig the land. They also used stones and bricks to line the well. A bucket was pulled by hand or raised mechanically. However, modern technology is now directing the water straight to the pipes and to the plumbing fixtures inside the house. This lessens the dependence of households on municipal water systems.

Why Do Potential Home Buyers Want Properties With Wells?

A water well is the gift that keeps on giving. Homebuyers want them because the water in a well is safer from contamination. They don’t have to pass through municipal pipes to get to the house. They reduce the water bill. Plus, they can water and irrigate their gardens, yards, and crops better with a water well system.

So if you’re on the fence about constructing a water well in your property, don’t be. It improves the value of your home. Potential buyers may actually make a better offer if they find out you have a well in your property. No matter what’s the well’s purpose is in your property, it usually adds value to it and makes it more attractive to buyers.

But before selling or buying a property with a water well, have the water tested first. Make sure it is not contaminated. If it is, you can build another well because there’s already an existing system in the property. You should take advantage of the benefits of a water well especially when it comes to raising the property’s value.

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