3 Ways to Ensure Safety on the Road

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3 Ways to Ensure Safety on the Road

It is imperative to understand the human frailty and susceptibility on the road, thus the essence of making roads safer. All road users have an obligation to maintain road safety. Most people believe that it is the drivers who should take all the blame in the occurrence of road accidents. That is not usually the case. Other parties such as pedestrians and passengers may also contribute to road accidents.

1. Warning Signs

Warning signs inform drivers of what to expect ahead such as ongoing road constructions. There are several companies in Australia that provide road work signage, which construction companies may acquire and install in strategic locations along the road that is under construction. The signs may warn on various issues such as the presence of a diversion or loose chippings. It may also inform the driver not to exceed a certain speed limit. Technology has also played a part in improving road safety. Most of the current warning signs have been fitted with permanent LED signs. This has made the warning signs more visible on the road. The warning signs can provide a timely reminder, which directs motorists to slow down when it comes to various traffic intersections.

2. Drink-Driving

Man in car blowing into a breathalyzerOne of the leading causes of road accidents is drink-driving. Most people remain ignorant or oblivious of the fact that no driver is too skilled to drive under the influence of alcohol. One key effect of alcohol is that it leads to poor coordination. Most drivers under the influence of alcohol have difficulty steering the car. The best way to prevent drink-driving is to abstain from drinking before getting behind the wheel. The traffic department has introduced breathalysers to detect drivers who drive under the influence of alcohol. The device is capable of determining the amount of alcohol content in a driver’s system. With the advancements in technology, some cars have been fitted with sobriety detectors. The detectors are used to detect the alcohol content of the driver before they start driving the car. If the driver is determined to be too drunk to drive, the ignition key gets interlocked in the ignition, preventing the driver from starting the car.

3. Car Safety

Another way of abating road accidents is through the proper maintenance of cars. This means ensuring that the car is road-worthy. It may also be fitted with other precautionary measures aimed at reducing your tendency to cause an accident. For instance, your car may have an auto emergency braking system to prevent accidents in critical situations. An auto emergency braking system reduces the severity of crashes, which may not be reduced by driving moderately. There are cars that have been fitted with restraint systems to reduce the impact if an accident occurs. Additionally, modern cars have proximity sensors that warn the driver when there is an impending object in close proximity to the vehicle.

All road users should maintain road safety. It should not be considered to be the responsibility of the drivers alone. In the event of an accident, it is not only the driver who gets injured. All occupants inside the vehicle are also exposed to equal danger.

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