Look Sharp and Dapper in Your 30s


Look Sharp and Dapper in Your 30s

Being 30 is both exciting and scary for many men. It’s filled with changes in life, like getting ahead in your career, starting a family, buying a house, or getting a new car. Of course, these changes aren’t universal, as everyone goes through different routes in life. But there’s one thing that remains true for everyone: your looks change.

It might not be as drastic as you would first expect, but at 30, changes brought by age become more and more visible. There’s weight gain (or loss), changes in facial features, hair loss, and much more. But you shouldn’t let this interfere with your self-image. Through conscious self-styling and fashion techniques, you can still look as sharp and as dapper as ever in your 30s.

Ditch Your High School Fashion

Let’s face it. When you reach your 30s, you’re no longer hip and trendy. The clothes you used to wear in senior high might have been the “it” thing back then, but if you’re still wearing it to this day, you have to accept that it’s not “in” anymore”. It’s understandable that people tend to get comfortable with what they’re used to, but as you grow older and more mature, you also have to dress like it. Leave the teenage fashion to the younger ones, and start looking into clothes that fit well within your professional environment.

Update Your Hairstyle

It doesn’t matter whether you’re starting to see your hairline start to recede, or if you’re sporting long hair. Hairstyle in the 90s should stay in the 90s. By the time you’re in your 30’s you should start looking for a trusted barber for a more updated hairstyle, and you should also find out ways to take care of your hair and scalp. You could get into luxury shampoos and other hair care products or other hair products, but try to steer away from the spiky hair look. Not only does it scream 90s boy band, but it’s also not the most respectable look when attending a meeting.

Tailor-fit Your Clothes

Our bodies change over the years. Be it desirable or undesirable change, we need to come to terms with it. However, this is the exact time when you should be going through your closet and throwing away clothes that don’t fit anymore. There’s nothing worse than ill-fitting clothes, as even good style can’t save you if you can’t wear your clothes right.

However, with age comes experience and financial ability, and there’s something you should look into if you want to improve your fashion: tailor-made outfits. These kinds of clothes are made with your body and measurements in mind, guaranteeing the best fit. Nothing looks better than clothes that fit you like a glove, and having a tailor create it for you will make you look like a million bucks.

Start Bringing In More Mature Style Choices

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Bleached denim, ripped jeans, skin-tight leather pants, sweatshirts, these types of clothing can be seen for the younger ones. You might have been in a band back in your college days, but now that you’ve gone past it, it’s time to let go of those clothing items. By now, you should have one or two proper business suits, a pair of good leather shoes, and a good summer ensemble that’s not an oversized Hawaiian shirt with loose khakis and leather sandals (god forbid you to have white socks on too). Keep in mind that mature doesn’t mean gaudy nor lazy. Your 30s are when you start to establish a respectable reputation, so wear that appropriately.

Accessories You Must Have

A quintessential part of fashion is accessories. When you were younger, it was fine to wear your hobbies, so to speak. Spiked leather gauntlets or black-themed bracelets and necklaces for those who lived for rock n’ roll, or baller bracelets for the sports enthusiasts. But now that you’ve reached the age of constant business meetings, you want to look as professional as possible.

One simple accessory that can complete your business attire is a proper wristwatch. Opt for a stylish dress watch that’s not too chunky or too loud instead of a sports watch. Another accessory that would stick out is your wallet. These days, a minimalist wallet that does not bulge in your back pocket is accepted, but still be on the lookout for good quality leather wallets.

Age isn’t just a number. It’s a fact of life that we all must contend with. However, it doesn’t have to be negative all the time. You make do with your life and finding your own sense of style and self is part of that.

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