Pursuing Health and Wellness: 5 Unorthodox Methods You Can Try

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Pursuing Health and Wellness: 5 Unorthodox Methods You Can Try

Amid all the headaches, stress, discomfort, and pain people receive every day, balance will be necessary. It is not enough to stand brave and take all the hits because they will take their toll on you sooner rather than later. People have to look after themselves to ensure they do not succumb to a stressful and painful lifestyle. To provide the balance your life desperately needs, your efforts to maintain health and wellness will be necessary. A healthy diet, an exercise routine, and medical treatment can tip the scales, but they might not be enough for the average person.   Fortunately, you will come across a lot of health and wellness programs that prioritize self-care. Massage therapy, meditation, and yoga are some of those activities, but you will find more unusual methods that will benefit both your body and mind. Here are some therapeutic sessions you need to consider:

Chiropractic Therapy

Among the bizarre health and wellness programs that you might shy away from, chiropractic therapy might be the one you feel excited to try. Cracking bones might not sound as pleasant as you want it to be since your instinct will tell you to check if you broke your body. However, you will find that chiropractors are licensed professionals who will ensure safety during chiropractic sessions. You will find that people who visited chiropractors felt instant pain relief, especially when they suffered from sudden injuries.

The manipulation of the body allows natural healing without requiring surgery and medication, making it an attractive method for athletes. Chiropractic care also restores joint mobility and aims to align the musculoskeletal structure. If you constantly experience body pain because of stress or improper sitting position, you will find that chiropractic sessions will be your best option.

Cupping Therapy

Have you tried to pinpoint the body parts affected by stress? While the entire body might suffer from it, you will find that the sharp pain on your spine, lower back, shoulders, and arms might be near unexplainable. If you can describe the sensation, the closest description you might stick with is stiff. Stress might be invisible to the eye, but its effects on your entire body will stick out like a sore thumb. The stiffness, however, might be the cause of stagnation or imbalances, which is where cupping therapy can work its magic.

Professionals will place warm cups on your skin, creating a vacuum that increases blood flow, loosens connective tissue, and stimulate natural healing. The relaxation will be worth the cup marks you will get after each session. You might attract many curious eyes, but you will find that the unusual method works for instant pain relief and body wellness. You can also buy a high-quality cupping therapy kit if you want to perform it yourself.


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Since when is a freezing -80 degree temperature a comfortable environment for people? Cold weather, especially during the winter, might not be pleasant for most. However, it turns out that it can be a way to promote health and wellness in the form of cryotherapy. People will enter a pod of freezing liquid nitrogen, which sounds more like torture than therapy.

However, you will feel surprised when you find out that it can reduce inflammation, heal sports injuries, and improve mental health. Cryotherapy works because it generates endorphins after people get through the initial shock of the freezing temperature. Adrenaline will flow all over the body to fight the cold, allowing people to burn calories during the process.

Sensory Deprivation Flotation

People rely a lot on their sight and other bodily senses for their everyday life. It will be horrific to lose them, even for about 30 minutes. However, you will find that sensory deprivation flotation will provide you with that experience, but you will exit with more benefits than worry. People will voluntarily stay inside a pitch-black pod full of Epsom-salted water. The liquid will be around body temperature to ensure that the experience feels like floating in an endless void. It can be a very calming activity, ensuring improvement in health and wellness.

Acupuncture Therapy

Among the many bizarre therapies you will encounter, acupuncture will be the most terrifying. People sticking needles in different parts of your face and body will not be a pleasant sight, but the benefits will be mind-blowing. Therapists will insert thin needles into specific body points that experience pain. Acupuncture therapy customers feel relief from back pain, neck tension, and headaches. People also use the method to release stress, improve digestive and immune systems, and eliminate eye strain. Acupuncture therapy might be scary, but you will find that the benefits will outweigh your worries.

You can try multiple health and wellness activities just as much as you experience different kinds of stress and pain in your life. If you feel bored with your usual routine, you can try these unorthodox therapeutic activities.

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