Trying Out Intimate Apparel Brands from All over the World


Trying Out Intimate Apparel Brands from All over the World

As you grow older, preferences become more mature. At one point in a woman’s life, we guarantee you that we get a different sense of satisfaction when we get that perfect set of lingerie. Buying your first set of lingerie marks the first step to becoming a sexy and confident woman. When we were younger, many of us would always get excited about the thought of us getting into a relationship. Some of us had our game plan mapped out and at the top of the list was about how we would immediately head down to the mall and buy ourselves a sexy set of underwear. Of course, plenty of us just went and bought ourselves our own set of lingerie just because!

Feeling sexy is ultimately only up to us. After shopping for lingerie, try taking it upon yourself to light some candles and get the tub running to have a romantic night with yourself. You know, there’s just something about seeing yourself in the mirror and rocking a set of lingerie that feels so empowering. You discover a newfound sense of confidence in intimate apparel that will translate very well to when you are in a relationship. More than your partner liking what they see, they will probably sense that you love seeing yourself in a sexy pair more than anyone.

We had minimal options back then. Thankfully we’ve grown past having limited options into a world with accessible lingerie markets, from lingerie brands opening up physical stores worldwide to the convenience of online shopping websites. Women of all shapes, ethnicities, and sizes have thousands of options from which to choose! The choices for lingerie have become more inclusive, and many countries have set precedents toward creating lingerie brands suitable for the needs of every woman. Let’s take a look at some of the best brands we’ve tried so far around the world.

Intimate Apparel Brands from around the World

Women’s Secret – Spain

We enjoy shopping online for Women’s Secret. The lingerie we bought from them remains one of our favorites. Not to mention, this brand came from one of the dare-we-say sexiest places alive, Spain. And it’s also made by women for women! Their pieces range from comfy, intimate apparel for when you want to lounge around in your house wearing underwear, to sexy and lacy sets that would set the mood for any date night.

Savage x Fenty – United States

Our girl Riri never misses. Savage x Fenty is relatively new to the lingerie game, but they have already set that standard high for modern brands that banner inclusivity and style as a combination. Rihanna made waves for her brand when she had the Savage x Fenty show that outsold that one lingerie brand that refused to feature plus-sized models. This brand boasts their extensively researched collection that features 40 shades of skin tones that cater to all colors of women! It sounds to us that Riri hit the jackpot in terms of promoting better clothing options for all and peak sexiness.

Le Petit Trou Brief – Poland

With the brand name literally translating to “the little hole,” you already know what this brand is all about. Le Petit Trou boasts their signature cut hole in their pieces that are elegantly put there to merge pleasure and style. The characteristics of their brand focus on femininity, fashion, and comfort that all women need in their day-to-day lives. Their brand focuses on you showcasing your sexiness without being obvious that you’re intentionally trying to do so. If you’re all about the little details with your lingerie, then this brand is perfect for you.

Susy + Bae – Singapore

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Founded by Sheryl Lim in 2017, Susy + Bae elevates the visibility of proudly Asian-made lingerie brands in the worldwide market. Their brand centers around, and we quote, “the transformative power of beautifully fitted intimates that celebrate the female form,” where they emphasize femininity and celebrate the natural shape of a woman’s body. This brand is known for its exciting play on colors and designs that highlight every curve and nook on a woman’s body. Truly a brand that celebrates being confident in your skin!

Choosing the Best

We can’t tell you what’s best for you. Please do note that these are the brands that worked in favor of our preferences. Ultimately, lingerie should make you feel comfortable. We don’t just mean comfortable in terms of feeling relaxed, but it should make you feel comfortable enough to be confident in your skin. Choose the brand that makes you feel good about your body, and not because it looks good on some models. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is that you love how your body looks in the piece.

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