Maximizing Mindfulness and Meditation

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Maximizing Mindfulness and Meditation

With everything that’s been going on in our lives, we seem to have adopted a new mode of living which is to run on autopilot. We just try to follow our routines and hope for the best because there does not seem to be any hint of light at the end of this tunnel. However, this lifestyle can be dangerous. That’s why you need to enhance a natural skill that you have to ensure that you don’t feel too much stress. That’s achievable through mindfulness.

How to Practice Mindfulness

Being mindful can be done in literally everything we do. Our daily routine is the perfect avenue to incorporate mindfulness into our lives. And if you’re uncertain how exactly you can do that, we have a quick list below of some things you might want to try.

Morning Contemplation

If there is a perfect time to start being mindful, it would be the beginning of your day. Mornings are the best opportunity to set your day straight. Those few moments you have with yourself could be spent just sitting by the bed and being thankful for yet another day. This will set the mood for how you will go about the day.

Spend Time Outdoors

When we say spend time outdoors, we don’t mean you should plan a vacation somewhere far. Mindfulness can be practiced anywhere, and that means you just need to go outside, breathe the fresh air, and admire what you see. This will provide a great stimulus for your eyes, nose, and your entire body, calming your nerves as if slowing down life itself.

Never Abandon Your Passion

You definitely have something you are passionate about. If you are lowoman outdoorsoking for a sign, this is it. Don’t ever think of abandoning it. More than the ability to create, engaging in activities where we get to express our passion is beneficial to your brain. Not only does it release positive chemicals in our body, but you also get to be fully present while doing it, which is the core value of mindfulness.

What You’ll Need for Mindfulness Meditation

If you want to take mindfulness to the next step, you can also practice meditation. Although you can do this without any accessories, we won’t hide the fact that using a few pieces of equipment would help improve your experience.

Here are some things you will need for mindfulness meditation:


The key to mindfulness meditation is to be relaxed and comfortable. However, we may not be able to achieve this with a stiff chair or a hard floor. Having a cushion would lessen the tension that you feel as you sit.


As you may have noticed, mindfulness meditation requires you to appreciate all of your senses except for your eyes. Having a diffuser near your meditation spot and using a subtle aroma that calms you down will definitely help. Just make sure it doesn’t make too much noise that you get distracted as you meditate.


On the other hand, not all people are fond of diffusers, as they are still in some ways technological, and it’s rather difficult to find a silent one. That’s why some people prefer to use candles instead. They still provide the same meditative effect and aroma but with the absence of noise. If you really wish to personalize your meditation sessions and you plan to do this regularly, you may also want to take courses in candle making to ensure that you don’t run out of stock. You can also choose your own scent and ingredients to ensure that they would help your meditative experience.


In mindfulness meditation, you have to close your eyes. However, sometimes the place we are practicing it in is too bright, and we can’t help but still feel a momentary glare in our eyes from time to time. A blindfold would help in blocking out all the light and letting you focus on your other senses.


Not all of us have the luxury of time. If you plan on practicing mindfulness meditation even on your workdays, it’s quite certain you have to stick to a schedule. Having a timer with you would let you know how much time has passed. This way, you can still continue your daily routine, and you wouldn’t bring in unnecessary stress from being unable to keep track of the time.

Mindfulness provides inconceivable benefits for our lives. Little by little, despite not noticing it on certain occasions, our lives, vision, and mindset gradually get better. Make sure that you dedicate a few minutes of your day to hone this skill.

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