5 Ways to Stop Roof Damage

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5 Ways to Stop Roof Damage

Roofs typically break down more than five or ten years into its lifetime. But there are times when the damage happens mainly because of the homeowner’s lack of attention to issues that can hound the house. These are five things you can do to make sure roof damage does not happen to your house:

1. Have your rain gutter fixed.

A malfunctioning rain gutter is one of the most common causes of a damaged roof. It is crucial for these rain gutters to be fixed right away as the cracks and damages can spread from there. The rain gutter should enable the free flow of water in it.

If you want to make sure that roof damage is prevented in your home, you may want to have a rain gutter repair service. You may also want to install a new gutter system. Tap one of the seamless gutters installation experts today.

2. Clean your gutters and remove tree limbs near your home.

man cleaning his guttersIf you do not want to have a malfunctioning rain gutter, you need to make sure that there is a small chance of the gutter getting damaged. As much as possible, you need to clean up the gutter on a regular basis so that the weight of tree limbs will not cause the roof to collapse.

You should also have tree limbs near your roof cut off so that you will not have to worry about them later. You should do this, especially if the winter or rainy season is already coming.

3. Insulate your attic well.

This may be something that most homeowners do not realize as having a huge impact on the status of your home’s roofing: the insulation of your attic. The attic is usually where the heating in your home escapes, especially during the winter.

This can be dangerous when snow gathers in your roof as it can melt snow and then refreeze again, which can result in an ice dam. This can be incredibly heavy for the roof and can create holes on the roofing of the house.

4. Keep your roof free from leaves and branches.

When it comes to roofing, you need to have a roof that is not filled with debris, branches, and leaves because it can result in improper drainage and backup. Small leaves can get stuck in the gutter or the pipes, which will disable the water from properly draining down.

One of the things that can help you deal with these leaves and branches is through mesh or screen leaf guards. It might seem like such a difficult task to do, but you will see that it is worth it soon enough.

5. Replace your roof every five to ten years.

One of the options that you have, when you are having problems with your rain gutter, is by replacing your roof and rain gutters. Most rain gutters and roofs are usually destroyed by extreme weather and wind conditions, which can lead to a total roof system failure.

But it is also normal for roofs to break down after more than five to ten years so you should replace it. Just make sure that you contact a competent roofing contractor near you.

The roof helps protect your home from the weather. So the tips mentioned above are already good ways to make sure your home last longer too.

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