Amazing Ways to Make Food Serving a Little More Interesting

plate with taco, nachos chips and tomato dip

Amazing Ways to Make Food Serving a Little More Interesting

One major factor that can make food more interesting is its presentation. For one thing, food presentation makes the dish look more appetizing and attractive to the eyes. A lot of people are easily persuaded by how things look. So, they would be interested in trying the food later on.

However, not everyone is keen on food presentation. It doesn’t matter whether they serve food on a resin platter or any kind of elegant plates or trays around. They tend to look forward more on enjoying the food itself rather than its presentation. Nevertheless, it won’t hurt if you would level up your food presentation skills for a more pleasant gastronomical experience.

Here are some useful tips you can do to make your food look more enticing. As mentioned, putting effort on food presentation won’t hurt. In fact, it can even add up to a pleasant food experience.

1. Focus on color.

A food dish can be more attractive if there are contrasting colors. For example, a plain bowl of oatmeal or pasta without the sauce looks boring and unappetizing. For bland oatmeal, why not add some berries and honey to make it look exciting? Or add cherry tomatoes, cheese, and a drizzle of pesto onto your pasta? These hacks can make your food experience more enjoyable.

2. Focus on the shape.

Cutting your food into different shapes can also make a dish look attractive. Think about how other parents make an effort in preparing their kids’ packed lunch. A lot of children tend to be more attracted to colors and shapes — even to their food. This kind of artistic interest can also apply to us adults.

3. Fry and serve fried foods properly.

Remember the golden rule of frying foods. First, make sure to cook them until it becomes golden brown. Put paper towels on the dish to absorb the food’s excess oil. Also, do not store fried foods in an airtight food container. The heat will produce steam inside the container and can make the food soggy.

4. Do not boil vegetables.

Doing so can lessen the color of the vegetables. Instead, you should steam them. Not only steaming can retain the vegetable’s bright color but also ensure its crunch. For added flavor, you can also sauté or roast them. Sprinkle some salt and pepper, and you can now enjoy your sautéed or roasted veggies.

5. Use white plates.

chef doing a food presentation on a white plate a

For one, using white plates can add contrast to the food color. Plus, it can help make the food’s color pop out and look more appetizing. Make sure to layer food to add up height and more professional-looking.

6. Know more about proper food etiquette.

If you are hosting a party, make sure to serve the guests first. Serve them first with appetizers, then the main course, and then the dessert. Ensure that the dishes and utensils are well-cleaned.

These are only some of the best tips you should remember when serving food. It is meant to be enjoyed, so why not level up that ultimate food experience by adding an artistic touch to it? Enjoy!

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