Tips for Boosting the Horsepower of Your Truck’s Diesel Engine

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Tips for Boosting the Horsepower of Your Truck’s Diesel Engine

Several alternatives now exist for stress relief. One of the best nonetheless involves taking a ride after a hectic workday or during a unique getaway through a nature trail and attempting to defy some challenges it brings. For the trail, it is essential to have the best truck to conquer the rough terrain you will likely encounter. Buying a truck is nonetheless only half the task when aiming for an incredible driving experience irrespective of the trail.

Lifted trucks are among the leading choices for Phoenix, Arizona residents. These have more clearances off the ground and make it easy to negotiate various obstacles on your trail. Other than functionality, lifting a truck has an aesthetics benefit since it exposes the truck’s undercarriage and exceptional suspension. The other modification that will boost your driving experience is increasing the horsepower of your diesel engine. The following are some methods of doing this.

Alteration of the Engine Weight and Stroke Length

It might be mainly impossible to alter the up-down cycle of your engine’s piston cycle since the clearances are often quite tight. You can nonetheless change the pistons’ weight through the use of less dense materials like aluminum composite. This will reduce the engine weight and consequently increase its horsepower without affecting its compression. Other than the piston, you can reduce the engine’s weight by altering the flywheel housing, oil and water pumps and camshaft.

Installation of Turbochargers

A turbocharger will force more air than usual into your engine and thus boost its horsepower. Some internal parts of a turbocharger are a turbine, intercooler and compressor. Exhaust gases will be force-fed into the turbine before being pushed through the compressor and expelled through the intercooler, thus considerably increasing the pressure of the air. The turbocharger will keep your exhaust gases’ temperatures to a minimum while boosting your engine’s performance and fuel economy.

Fuel Injectors’ Fitting


These are designed to allow a higher fuel amount into your combustion chambers. Fuel injectors come in different ratings, but you do not want to overdo the increase of your engine’s horsepower rating. Too much fuel pumped into your engine without adequate oxygen will do little in boosting your truck’s horsepower. Your mechanic will thus aim to match the fuel injector rating to your engine’s performance. Some new fuel injectors come with special nozzles that increase the fuel’s pressure for better optimization.

Installing a Performance Camshaft

The camshaft is designed to close and open your engine’s valves. A performance camshaft compared to an ordinary one has a higher profile and lift and will thus allow more air compared to the latter into your inlet valves. This high lift, in turn, will increase the stroke length of your engine and enhance your horsepower.

The above alternatives are the go-to ones for every truck owner looking for ways to boost their horsepower rating. While their installation in your truck might seem foolproof, any mistakes will significantly affect the durability and performance of your engine. You should thus aim to work with a seasoned dealership to ensure the aftermarket works are done to the highest quality standards.

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